The UK’s Top Selling Air Fryer 2022

With over 8.5k positive reviews on Amazon the Tower Xpress Pro T17039 Vortx is the top selling Air F this year.

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Why is Tower Xpress Pro T17039 the best choice?

  • 99 PERCENT LESS FAT – little to no oil is required, all while keeping the same great taste, so you lose the fat, not the flavour
  • 5-IN-1 COOKING – use this oven as an air fryer, rotisserie, dehydrator, as well as for baking and roasting, it’s all your cooking needs in one easy-to-use worktop appliance
  • LARGE CAPACITY – providing 11 litres of cooking space, its perfect for cooking for all the family
  • VORTX TECHNOLOGY – rapid air circulation creates crispier textures faster across a wide range of ingredients, including vegetables, chicken, chips and cakes
  • FASTER COOKING – offering the power to cook your food 30 percent faster than a conventional oven, making mealtimes that much easier
  • 3 YEARS WARRANTY – comes with standard 1 year warranty and an additional 2 years when registering the product online within 28 days of purchase

What Customers think about Tower Xpress Pro T17039:

We adopted the Tower Vortex Air Fryer just before Xmas and was amazed! When microwaves came we thought they were brilliant but the downside, reheating some things turned chewy rather than crispy…..not so with this Air Fryer Oven. Not just an air fryer but an oven….rotiserrie chicken, or any piece of meat, tied with string and self bastes as it rotates!
Once upon a time, we’d occasionally have oven chips….now it’s almost daily! Lol….guilt free due to no added oil required and only what you need cooked. Food little and often. Croissants and other pastry items almost every day, as it’s quick and efficient.
As for the bacon and/or slices of mushrooms for a fry up? No more soggy mushrooms, or white foam surrounding the bacon in a pan showing the high water content…
Nope, beautifully crispy bacon, and tasty mushrooms….and chips if you wanted to put them on one of the 2 wire shelves that are included.
My tip for cleaning the wire shelves? A dedicated nail brush for the purpose – as well as on the mesh filter in the cafetiere…
We LOVE the air fryer oven. I’m glad I skipped going for just an air fryer….a few pounds more and you get a better capacity, the option of 3 different food items on mesh shelves, and rotisseried meat!
I just hope that unlike a previous review, ours won’t cease working….but then, there is the Tower Guarantee, which I’d like to assume I can rely on compared to the ‘non brands’.

Do I recommend this? Yes, yes, yes….with chips on it!!!!!

How easy is it to clean Tower Xpress Pro T17039?

We use it a lot to do rotisserie chicken. Never found it hard to clean as the door is removable and it has a drip tray. However you can only cook a small chicken, we skewer the legs and wings with wooden kebab sticks to help it turn without touching the roof.
By PenKate on 04 October 2020So I got this Air Fryer this week and first thing tried a 1.6kg chicken. Now, this was too big for the over, I reckon 1.4 is really the max. It worked – but the chicken continually hit of the top grille while going around, which made it messy enough to clean at the end as this grille is not removable (the cover of the heating element). But still, got it clean, but will stick to small 1.2kg chickens from now on. Having said that – chicken was delicious – the 1.6kg chicken was perfectly done in 50 minutes. Very happy. Other than the top grille, the oven was easy to clean, but stick a bit of tin foil in the drip tray to simply lift off and sae that having to be cleaned.

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