The best induction hob you can go for today

If you think about buying an induction hob, here’s your guide…

Induction hobs are not a new invention in the market. They have been used in professional culinary kitchens for over 20 years. They are just getting more popular recently in the household kitchen. As it was very expensive but it’s getting somehow more affordable by time. You can now buy an induction hob for half the price compared to 5 years ago. We first need to understand how it works and how it is different from our normal electric or gas hobs.

induction hob - 489a397b2024fefc27fcdbf26fadbb28 - The best induction hob you can go for today

Using an induction hob in your kitchen is very efficient, It heats up fast while there is no waste of energy as it heats only the pan and cools down fast which makes it great for energy-saving “compared to traditional electric hobs”. Buying an induction hob would definitely cost you more but with time you will be saving more in your energy bills.

And because it’s a flat cool surface, Induction hobs are very easy to clean just by wiping it unlike any other kind of hobs.

But you need to keep in mind that induction hobs are not silent while using, and you will need a certain kind of pans that are iron-based to allow the energy to pass and heat up. You can still pick up your pans at a reasonable cost, or you can buy an induction disc to fit your usual pans.

Our top selected induction hobs to buy in 2020

Bosch PIE631FB1E

Bosch Induction hob with 4 Heating Fields. With some prominent features:

  • Powerboost: faster-cooking through the increased power up to 50%. timer:
  • Connection power: 7. 4 kW. Minimal worktop thickness: 30 mm.
  • Security: time limitation, vessel recognition system, power management system, Energy consumption of hob: 175. 0 Wh/ kg.
induction hob - 61fLn8m2ML - The best induction hob you can go for today
Neff T36FB41X0G


GIONIEN Induction Hob, 60cm built-in cook-top with 4 Burners Cooker

PowerBoost channels increased power to a selected zone to turbocharge the cooking process. With PowerBoost, you can boil 2 litres of water almost 3 times faster than on a conventional glass-ceramic cooktop.

  • Easy to use, Control your hob with a simple touch. Select the cooking zone and the power level with ease. 
  • Seamless framework design, in sleek glass that is very easy to clean.
  • With 4 Cooking Zones, It equips you with a special layout that saves space for your pans.
  • 9 Power Levels, giving you control over Cooking Temperature.
  • It comes with some Safety Features such as a Child Lock, Residual Heat Indicator, and an Auto Safety Switch Off

Samsung nz64h37070k

Samsung NZ64H37070K/EU induction hob offers four cooking zones on a sleek, black ceramic glass surface, Combining the fast heating benefits of induction with touch-sensitive slide control.

  • 4 zones and 9 power levels with a Booster function to each zone
  • Samsung Induction Hob comes with a front-located touch slider control that works with just the glide of a finger.
  • Intelligent safety features. The hob maintains a neutral temperature will only get hot when it senses contact with stainless steel or other induction-compatible cooking vessels. It also cuts out the power when other things are accidentally placed on the hob and control panel lock that will stop the power settings from being tampered with.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with its smooth black glass design.

Cookology CIB605

Cookology built-in, 60cm induction. Comes Bridge Zone Induction Hob that simply allows you to combine the right two zones to create a large cooking zone. It comes with a few special functions:

  • Keep Warm Function and the Fry Function that designed for the top left zone that quickly sets the right temp for frying, and the keep warm function selects a gentle heat that heats your food instead of cooking.
  • Touch controls include a Boost Function, like when you are heating a large pan of water and want to speed the heat up.
  • Hob Timer acts as a minute minder or can be used to turn a hob zone off when a selected time is reached.
  • Safety Features such as a Child Lock, Residual Heat Indicator, and an Automatic Safety Switch Off
induction hob - 51biRijhMqL - The best induction hob you can go for today
Russell Hobbs RH60IH401

We have selected these products carefully for you, and still you can browse through more options depends on your budget. Here at Fozdoo we offer you the best comparison experience when it comes to online purchasing.
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