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Toshiba 24WD3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Built-In DVD Player, and TY-SBX210 100W Soundbar Bundle

Key Features:
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
  • by entering your model number
  • HD ready: Step into the action with increased clarity and detail Plus, enjoy all your favourite DVDs with built-in slot & play functionality
  • Never miss your favourite TV shows, music and film, with Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Netflix and Freeview Play With Toshiba TV’s you get all the top streaming apps built in as standard
  • From speakers to software, your Toshiba TV incorporates everything you need for cinema-quality sound Seamlessly combining Dolby Audio Processing, and speakers designed by Onkyo
  • Bluetooth sound bar with HDMI ARC and CEC
  • 100W peak power
  • Digital amp and DSP
Brand Toshiba TV
Model 24WD3A63DB
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Toshiba 24WD3A63DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Built-In DVD Player, and TY-SBX210 100W Soundbar Bundle


Connectivity Technology
HDMI; Bluetooth
Display Size
24.0 inches
  1. Great value TV
    Really nice clear picture, responsive remote and a great television for the money
  2. Manual very basic.
    I needed a more comprehensive manual to adjust the TV.Because it was manufactured in Turkey, and not in the EU Toshiba stated that they could not download a manual, but they would send me one. When it arrived it was the same as the one included with the TV ie Not enough information to access the menu. After much frustration I returned the set.
  3. Supervise quality and value.
    What can you say about Toshiba? It has excelled all expectations and was excellent value for what I paid for it !!
  4. its the cheapest 32inch smart tv with a DVD player built in - there's a reason for that.
    If you want it to watch Netflix's and prime - then its great.my DVD player wouldn't work at first but turning it on and off a few times appears to of have resolved this.if you want to do anything else - I suggest get a better tv.Half the time the remote doesn't work and I can't get the menu to come up. as for all the apps, I haven't been able to get on any except Netflix's and prime, which has specific buttons on the remote and this is how ive gotten them to work.tried to connect to the bluetooth and isn't working.It's an alright TV just doesn't do much of the smart tv stuff..
  5. Disappointed so far......
    Had such high hopes, loved everything about this TV, real nice and easy to use, good remote, quick, great picture and sound quality.Then I thought I’d connect Wirelessly, to my internet and get started. However, no matter what I try the Network Type will not show the option of Wireless Device !I’ve even tried tech support, both Amazon and Toshiba !!! The advice they’ve given me ‘ use ‘Wired Device’ ummmm, no, my router is downstairs and the TV, up !And most importantly, I purchased a TV that says you can connect Wirelessly because that’s what I want to do 😠Possibly a fault with this set, going to try replacement and hope it worksUPDATE:Replacement was easily organized. This Tv is heaps better but still glitches when watching ITV Hub ! Mainly during the adverts ...I have no idea why 🤷🏾‍♀️Everything else is good. I have the details of how to reset everything from Toshiba Tech so, I will try that and hopes it rectifies itself.
  6. Defective but working now
    This arrived on good time and was easy to set up. Most of the features worked well. However, no matter how hard I tried, the DVD player would not work. It just would not respond to the remote control buttons, no matter what I did. The thought of sending this bulky item back and get a replacement was daunting, Besides, the kids wanted a TV over the Christmas period(naturally). So, I found an old DVD player in the garage and bought a cable for £4 to link it up to this Smart TV. It works!Now I have three separate remotes with this TV — the one that comes with the television, the one that comes with the DVD player and another for NowTV.Not ideal. We have a dodgy telly with three remotes linked to an old DVD player. Still, with three hands and a bit of patience, we can normally find and watch what we are looking for.UPDATEIn all fairness, I have to update this review as the TV's DVD player is now working. A bit of background: I was having problems connecting the TV to wifi and after contacting my internet provider, I was advised to buy a TP-Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01G5Q9E0O/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1, which I duly did. This worked well and sorted the internet problem (mostly - there is the occasional interruption to play, but I suspect this the internet connection, not the TV) and, while messing around and re-setting the TV after installing the TP-Link, the TV prompted me to download a software update. Of course, I did as I was told by my TV, and hey presto, the DVD on the TV now works!Finally, after 7 or 8 weeks, I have a TV that works well.
  7. Good product
    Very pleased with this TV/dvd - easy to set up with clear instructions.Nice clear picture and good sound.
  8. An amazing buy
    Took me some time to work out the remote! I am impressed on the sound & picture quality. I would recommend this product to anyone