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TensCare Superior Silver Blue Gel Electrode Pads For Sensitive Skin, 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm

Key Features:
  • Blue gel electrode pad 51 cm x 51 cm
  • Extra gentle thick blue gel for sensitive skin
  • Flexible and long lasting, about 30 applications depending on skin condition
  • Fits most standard TENS units (2mm round pin connection)
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Brand TensCare

TensCare Superior Silver Blue Gel Electrode Pads For Sensitive Skin, 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm

Product description Product Description

Hypoallergenic Gel Electrode Pad 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm .Their "universal" fitting means that they are also compatible with most other TENS brands. Each pad measures 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm . TensCare have researched and tested multitudes of pads to find the best available, and continue to do so. All of our pads are hypoallergenic and extremely high quality. Please be wary of cheaper pads on the market; most of these are single-use and often have limited conductivity. Although it depends very much on your skin type, the climatic conditions, and general use and abuse, your pads should typically last 15-25 applications. If you care for your pads well, including replacing them on the plastic film and sealing the packet after each use, the amount of use may be increased. Do NOT share your pads with another person. extra gentle thick blue gel for sensitive skins. Flexible and long lasting easy to apply and reposition. Please note that these pads have "pigtails"; these connect to the leads, which in turn connect to the machine. This is to enable you to use different sized / shaped pads simultaneously (e.g. one round one and one square one). They are only compatible with leads which have "pin" connectors. Reusable self-adhering TENS Stimulating Electrodes with PermaGel.

Box Contains

Blue Gel Electrode Pads 5.1 cm x 5.1 cm

  1. Electrode pads
    I thought these were very expensive but had to try something, I had tried a few different pads to try and sort out the itching and rash, these have done the job.They last longer than any other pad I have tried so will be no more expensive to use than the cheap ones.A massive thank you !
  2. Spare Pads for my Tens machine
    Not used yet, but they look OK.
  3. If ever you have back pain but are allergic to ...
    If ever you have back pain but are allergic to the normal gel on the pads these are the ones for you.
    Totally overpriced for what it is. Similar quality available elsewhere and cheaper . The product is ok, but too expensive to repeat purchase when there are other similar products out there much cheaper.
  5. The only pad that guarantees no skin problems
    I always had problems of skin eruption with other pads.But these pads are wonderful; I never have skin problems anymore because of the bleu gel on the skin side of the pads.I not only works well for your skin, but also conduct the electricity of the tens device very well.Very good product, and so far I know the best on the market yet.
  6. the best electrodes by far ..names TYCO //uni patch .blue gel
    I have been using TENS for 20 years I have had 4 spinal operations and one fusion .I have had about 6 TENS machines but the best one is the no longer available acticare .I used to get my tyco electrodes from acticare but had to find an alternative supplier[tms healthcare} .my other supplier was out of stock so I bought from amazon [no VAT deduction from amazon ;;pity ..because I can get VAT free from my other supplier ] but back to the electrodes .I have tried many over the years and these are the best .yes they are expensive but worth it ,one good tip KEEP THEM IN THE FRIDGE .and DONT add water to them it will kill the blue gel .if you have hair where you intent to use them ...remove it ,,and keep you fingers of the electrodes .they were called tyco but now they are called uni patch {same thing] not many companies sell them .only amazon and TMS healthcare ,
  7. These don't cause the burning itchiness of standard pads, ...
    These don't cause the burning itchiness of standard pads, but they have so much gel overlapping the pads that I had to cover the backs in tissue to stop them sticking to my clothes. (Quite a mess, but it works.) I've used the first set about six times & they're still sticking.Probably worth the price if you have problems with standard electrodes.
  8. a winner
    having developed a contact allergy to regular adhesive pads, these have been a godsend as it is the only effective pain relief for my back problem, They are actually better than regular pads, more flexible, stickier and they have a longer life, they are a lot less likely to become "unstuck" than regular pads al in all a far superior product