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TensCare MamaTENS Replacement Electrodes with circular lead connection for the New Mama TENS model, Pack of 4

Key Features:
  • Extra-large pads for maximum pain relief during labour
  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be reused up to 30 times
  • Integral leads for additional hygiene
  • Gel-based ,Hypoallergenic, Latex-free
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Brand TensCare

TensCare MamaTENS Replacement Electrodes with circular lead connection for the New Mama TENS model, Pack of 4

Product description Style Name:New Product Description

These pads are uniquely compatible with the MamaTENS and have been designed especially for this unit. MamaTENS replacement electrodes have integral leads and the pads themselves measure 50x100mm. The four pads are reuseable up to 30 times, allowing you to practice before the birth and, should it be necessary, to move them around during labour without fear of them losing their stickiness. The resealable packet means that they will remain fresh and hygienically sealed, even after you have opened them. TensCare have researched and tested multitudes of pads to find the best available, and continue to do so. All of our pads are hypoallergenic and extremely high quality. Please be wary of cheaper pads on the market; most of these are single-use and often have limited conductivity. If you care for your pads well, including replacing the electrodes on the plastic film, sealing the packet after each use, and keeping your skin clean, dry and free of products, the amount of use may be increased. Do NOT share your pads with another person. For hygiene reasons, and because the pads will dry our after a year, replacement electrodes for the MamaTENS should be purchased for each new birth. These electrodes are not suitable for general pain relief TENS units, although pads for these are available. If yours is not a MamaTENS, please see the list of TensCare accessories available on Amazon to purchase the most appropriate electrodes for your unit. Product Description Replacement electrode pads for use with MamaTens devices Pack of 4 with integral leads

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Foil Packaging

  1. Great
    Used for 2 previous labours and have purchased again for third. Really helpful.
  2. Good when in labour
    I bought the machine for when I’ll be on labour.It helps a lot to cop with the pain.At 8pm I was at 1cm open, I start to use the machine and at 11pm I was at 8cm, this machine help me a lot.I bought this extra ones in case of transpiration.
  3. Great for early labour pains
    Used this in early labour, helped make labour pains more manageable, easy to use and stick on well, would reccomend
  4. Replacement pads for mama tens machine
    Great as a set of replacement pads for mama tens machine. Personally didn’t find it helped much during labour but other mums have so that is based on personal preference.
  5. Very Good
    I bought these to use with my Mama Tens machineTensCare MamaTENS Digital Maternity Machine for Pain Relief During Labour. The pads come sealed in a foil pouch and are just as described. I used the TENS machine with both of my labours and I did find the pads can lose their sticky a little bit if you take them on and off (to have a bath for example), so I would recommend sticking them back on with surgical tape if you really need to which is what we did.
  6. Great quality replacent pads for excellent machine
    Loved this machine for both my labours. Pads arrived fast (when I desperately needed it to!). Will use for after birth pains and have ordered replacement pads to increase longevity if item.
  7. Life-saver
    Was in labour with hyperstimulated contractions (i.e. no breaks between them!) for 12 hours before having an epidural. If it wasn't for this I would have been crawling the walls - had it permanently on the boost setting the entire time. Can't fault it - it helped ease the pain really well and the batteries lasted throughout. I don't care how much this cost or that I won't use it again - I am so glad I had this and I fully recommend!
  8. Highly Recommend for Labour
    These were a godsend when my partner was in labour. She laboured in her back mostly and was in agony. Using this along with gas and air allowed her to give birth naturally. Without this im almost certain strong medication and pain relief would have been needed.