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TCL DC748 55-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV HDR10 Ultra Thin Smart Freeview Play TV with Built in JBL Sound Bar – Black (2018 Model)

Key Features:
  • Sound System: integrated JBL Sound Bar, with 4 front firing speakers (60W)
  • HDR PRO : unrivalled blacks, higher contrast and vivid colors - including HDR10 and HLG
  • Wide color gamut : reproduces 30% purer and richer colors than traditional LED screens
  • Wide viewing angle : never miss the action with our wide viewing angle
  • Smart : Netflix 4k, Youtube 4K and Freeview Play seven Day Catch Up through your programmed guide and on demand apps through your existing TV aerial and home WIFI connection
£549.00 £571.39
Brand TCL

TCL 55DC748 55 Inch UHD 4K HDR10, Ultra Thin, JBL Sound Bar, WCG, Smart Freeview Play TV – Works with Alexa (2018/2019 Model) – Black

Product description Size Name:55 Inch  |  Style Name:TV Only Product Description

An image deserves an exceptional sound.

C748 Series combines elegance and performance. Its three side bezeless design offers a minimalistic and ultra-slim 7.9mm profile looking good from every angle.


4K HDR combined with micro dimming provides a superior High Dynamic Range experience delivering detailed images with reproduction of light and dark shades.

Discover the incredible variety of intense and ultra-realistic colours of digital cinema in your living room thanks to the Wide Color Gamut technology.

Enjoy a sound experience for your movies, music, and video games thanks to its JBL high-class sound system equipped with 4 front firing speakers.

Access to 7 Day catch up and on demand services are possible thanks to FREEVIEW PLAY and SMART TV 3.0.

Box Contains


From the manufacturer TCL 55DC748 55 Inch UHD 4K HDR10, Ultra Thin, JBL Sound Bar, WCG, Smart Freeview Play TV - Works with Alexa (2018/2019 Model) - Black - grey pixel - TCL DC748 55-Inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV HDR10 Ultra Thin Smart Freeview Play TV with Built in JBL Sound Bar – Black (2018 Model)


Connectivity Technology
Wireless; Bluetooth; USB
Display Resolution Max
4K Ultra HD pixels
Display Size
55 in
Display Technology
Image Aspect Ratio
Item Dimensions
1.22 metres x 31.89 cm x 80.59 cm
Item Weight
20.5 kg
Model Year
Special Feature
VESA 200 x 200
Tuner Technology
  1. Great product overall for the price
    There are a couple of things I could use to mark down this tv....I think it would be a bit unfair though to mark it 3 out of 5.I have two main issues I have with the tv in general. Firstly, On a bright day if there are any bits of light coming into the room I find it hard to be able to see the picture clearly through any sort of reflections or glimmers on the screen. At 340 nits for the 65inch and 360nits for the 55inch I just wish this was a bit higher to compensate for this.It\'s not so much of an issue for me though as I always have my curtains and blinds closed but my curtains aren\'t black out so I still notice it when the sun is directly on my windows.Second issue is to do with clouding when HDR is activated. My description of clouding is where the picture is brightened and you have an all black screen with different shades of black in certain areas. It makes the picture inconsistent. I get this in all 4 corners of the screen at times where clouds of brightened blacks appear.Generally though this is something I can forget.When the conditions are right, i think the picture is brilliant. I\'ve watched a few 4K films on it and I\'m really impressed with the colour and picture that the screen displays.I\'m really happy with the built in soundbar too. From somebody who has never had a soundbar it is a game changer. The sound quality is really good and to have it built in is a really nice feature. I reckon we\'ll see more tvs like this in the future.Edit: I wanted to add, my previous tv was a 1080p 55inch Sony Bravia. Almost everything about the TCL TV is better. Speed, picture, sound and build quality. The only thing I will miss is an android operating system.There are alot of BAD 4K tvs out there. I have 2 cheap Phillips 4K tvs and they are awful in every way. I didn\'t know much about TCL a few months ago but if you are reading this unsure about who they are and what the product will be like then I\'d say take the plunge. They aren\'t perfect... but they are well worth the money in the current market. If they bring out the same tv in future with 1000 nits or higher then I reckon I\'d be buying and writing a 5 star review.
  2. TCL 55DC748
    I want to start by saying that I have never heard of TCL before, but having bought the 55DC748 it certainly won’t be my last! The value for money over the 55” LG that I was going to buy is unreal.First the design, there is no plastic around the screen, instead the glass screen goes right to the edge of the TV (a bit like my iphone). The screen is then surrounded by a brushed metal band which gives a really high-end finish.Also, not to miss out that I am particularly impressed with the built in JBL soundbar, which delivers clear and powerful sound through my large living room.Picture wise it delivers very rich colours without the horrible over saturation you find on cheaper TV’s. The DC748 supports 4K HDR Pro, the TV automatically switched to ‘HDR10’ when I played a 4K movie on Netflix. My kids have an Xbox and Switch plugged in, TCL customer support informed me that the input lag for this TV is 30ms for 4K HDR gaming. If my research (my kids) are right this is super low and perfect for gaming.TCL smart has covered all the apps that I need including iplayer, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 on demand. This TV also supports Freeview play. I am sure it does more, but at this stage it is great to find the programs I have missed without having to trawl through each on demand app.Overall if you are going to buy a new TV, why buy the same old brands who never really offer anything new. The DC748 has a great picture, high end design (no plastic in sight – except the remote) and a built in JBL soundbar. *TCL customer support also told me that the 2nd remote control that came in the box is an Alexa voice control remote (as well as being a normal remote). This is an Alexa enabled TV (no other Amazon device needed – Alexa is built into the metal remote control), this skill will be live in December. Will be fun having a voice assistant built in.
  3. Terrible Customer Service
    I have in the past purchased a number of other TV\'s, all Samsung or Sony. For the money you pay for the TCL the TV picture is good.....when its working. But here begins the problems because when it breaks the customer service option is appaling. I find it hard to believe that given a TV is most likely to break when you are at home watching it, ie at weekends or before or after work. That such a huge company believes it sensible to only have its customer service line manned Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm. So you can only then phone it while you yoirslf are at work, and away from the tv set, so you can\'t then try and do anything they suggest you do untilk you get home. If it doesn\'t work you then have to call back again the following day or following week.Like others here I have had the issue of the tv basically dieing when you click ok when prompted to update the software. TV on but black screen and no response from any remote and useless, will not go standby etc. Its a known issue according to the forums and I have tried everything suggested on them. Yet even though i told the customer service rep of this and what the problem is, I still have to go home and over the weekend hold the power button down to \"cleanse the set of any excess energy\" to see if this makes a difference. I then have to download from their site and try installing. Which of course it wont as that is done when the TV is on standby, which i rold them it wont do. Of course I then can\'t phone them back over the weekend when it does nothing to change things as customer service line is shut, they are at home watching thier tv\'s, probably a samsung or sony no doubt. When i do call back im told it sounds like the motherboard which is a known fault! I\'m now nearly a week in and still no call from the technical department to get an engineer booked in. In future I will stick with the trusted brands I\'m used to as you can at least get hold of someone when you have a problem.