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Speedo Unisex Adult Biofuse Fitness Fin

Key Features:
  • Speedo Bio fuse technology - for maximum comfort and fit
  • 100% Silicone for excellent comfort
  • Works leg muscles and increases strength and endurance
Brand Speedo

Speedo Unisex Adult Biofuse Fitness Fin

Product description

Fitness Fins Are Short, Dual Intensity Fins With Stiff Blades Which Create Maximum Resistance In The Water. Strengthen Leg Muscles – Added Resistance Increases The Workload On Your Leg Muscles Which Increases Strength And Endurance. Increase Workout Speed – Fitness Fins Add Extra Propulsion To The Stroke, Which Increases Speed With Minimum Effort Leaving You Free To Ingrain Correct Technique. Develop Ankle Mobility – The Increased Surface Created By The Fitness Fins Forces Ankle Extension During Kicking, Which Makes The Kick More Propulsive And Efficient.

  1. Seem good for Leg work
    I am a small size 5 and these fit loosely but not enough to cause any problems. Very good for a leg workout, but started to rub my toes after a 30 min hard swim. They are small and discrete, and after asking at my local pool they were happy for me to use them when the pool wasn't too busy. A good buy at this price.
  2. Brilliant for swimming
    I absolutely love these swim fins - I use them 3-4 times a week and can't recommend them highly enough. They have really helped me improve my front crawl and leg strength. Great product.
  3. Great evolution in fin design!
    Worn by my wife during our open water swimming adventure holiday with Swim Trek in Turkey. She loves them and after a 5k swim today, rated them super comfortable compared with her current fins that feature full heel wraparound. Can fully endorse the effectiveness of the short blade which does not place undue stress on ankles, calves or legs in general.
  4. After reading all the questions about sizing for these I ...
    After reading all the questions about sizing for these I was unsure what to buy and opted for a size small for my daughter who is a UK size 5. They are far too small for her and on the packaging its states that they are suitable for a UK size 2-4. I hope this helps!
  5. Great for improving speed
    I tried these for the first time today, they are excellent especially in improving speed - I’m not the fastest swimmer but these certainly helped especially for front crawl. However, not as fast for great stroke, I think they are aimed for front crawl more. Very easy to get one and off in the water. Slight downside, slightly slippy in the water. Great sizing for a size 5 - I got the small. Definitely recommend.
  6. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for.
    These are great for surface swimming whether it be snorkelling or normal swimming. They are just perfect to give you control, comfortable and very lightweight. They are good in the pool as well as open water, they were actually what I was looking for as opposed to long fins or enclosed foot fins. The first is spot on. I'm a size 6 and these were for 5-7, perfect for using thin neoprene socks with, with no abrasion.
  7. The size 4 was correct, when they are wet they will fit better.
    I bought "small" size as I am UK size 4.5/5, and I returned as I tried them on and they were too tight, so I decided to go with size "medium" and I tried them on with my dry feet and they seemed perfect, but when I used them in the pool yesterday, they felt too loose for me. I am now wanted to but size "small" again here and sell mine elsewhere and they increased the price almost double. I wont't spend more money on this as the return was not free for the "small" size which I had to pay, losing money. Please when you try them and they seem too tight bear in mind when they get wet will fit better.
  8. These are great for training
    Very good product. Simple but does the job. I guess I've done a few thousand laps of the pool and they haven't warped out of shape. They're not for diving, they are swimming trainers and they're excellent for that purpose in that they really empathise your thigh and lower leg work