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Soehnle Style Sense Comfort Electronic Bathroom Scale – 500 Scale, Black

Key Features:
  • Hidden scale display becomes visible when stepped on/disappears when you step off
  • Easy-to-read, XL illuminated LED screen (Digit height 45cm) with easy to select weight units in kg, lb, and st
  • Very high load capacity up to a max weight of 180 kg (100 g precise increments)
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Child-proof, screw-fastened battery compartment Batteries included 5 year guarantee
Brand Brand: Soehnle

Soehnle Style Sense Comfort Electronic Bathroom Scale – 500 Scale, Black

Product description Size Name:Comfort 500  |  Colour Name:Black Product Description

SOEHNLE's Style Sense Comfort 500 scale has the WOW factor! Presented upon a brilliantly shiny black glass surface, the scales extra-large LED display disappears when switched off. It's only when standing on the scale that the patented LED display becomes visible, revealing its extremely easy-to-read illuminated digits, which can be read even in low lit environments. But that's not all, its extra thin design and extremely generous XXL platform will be sure to add a minimalist elegance to anyone's bathroom. Its large size maximises on practicality: up to a maximum bodyweight of 180 kg / 396 lb, and is displayed in precise 100 g / 0.2 lb increments on the easy-to-read LED screen. It switches on immediately when stepping on the scale and turns off automatically after weighing, prolonging battery life and saving on cost. Its anti-slip feet feature makes it safe to stand on and the high-quality, extra-clear, safety glass and child-proof, screw-fastened battery compartment just emphasises the great standard of an extremely strong and stable scale. The Style Sense Comfort 500 scale comes with batteries included. SOEHNLE is a true classic. The brand has stood for excellent quality and reliability, high level of handling convenience, and excellent, ground Breaking design for more than 140 years. And with international success: with more than 200 million scales sold, SOEHNLE has established itself as one of the globally leading brands of household and personal scales.

Box Contains

1 x Bathroom Scale

  1. Five Stars
    very good.
  2. Be wary of the colour description
    Did not like the summary that these ranges are white, they are not ... they have a definitely eco-friendly appearance so have returned them
  3. I knew Soehnle as good brand. Now changed my mind.
    I utilize this scale for greater than a year. Definitely inaccurate readings. You depend on it 3 times and you get measurements range +/- 2.5 Kg! Utilize it on also tough floor. All policies followed. Absolutely nothing helps.
  4. Brilliant scales even better now I know my correct weight
    Fantastic scales also much better now I understand my proper weight.smart in look and also very easy to review. Ideal ive made use of yet.
  5. They seem to work, but for some strange reason ...
    They appear to function, however, for some unusual factor if I jump on, then off, await the screen to shut off and afterwards jump on again, the analysis is different. So it\'s challenging to tell which is the correct weight.
  6. Modern scale perfect for bathroom.
    Pleased with the appearance of the range and also seems to function well.
  7. The scales look nice enough, but I never get the same weight ...
    The scales look nice enough, but I never get the same weight twice. I am around 9st 5lb. This morning I got weighed and was 12st. I got off and stepped on again and was 6st 12lb. This was using the same spot in the bathroom.
  8. Not pleased! Have given up on it and decided to ...
    Attempted it on a hard flooring surface area when I first got it and also it was OK. Now it\'s giving random readings. Not pleased! Have actually quit on it and made a decision to purchase something else.:-LRB-.
  9. If you want a bathroom scales that only gives your weight then look no further.
    This review is for the Comfort 300 which is well made, slim, lightweight modern design.It has a large digital reading with a choice of metric or imperial settings. There is a choice of three finishes and comes with a 5 year guarantee.Not long after this review was posted I discovered the scales do not give consistent readings; step off then step back on again and the reading can be + / - 2kg difference.No use to anyone monitoring their weight for medical reasons.
  10. Great scale, accurate and does the job well.
    Great range, not a lot to say. The scale was really accurate when I compared it with a few other digital scales we have around your house. I like the truth that you can simply step on it and it gives you a dependable dimension very first time instead of it having to calibrate each time before tipping on it. Additionally nice little discuss this model with the display being dark as well as not noticeable, therefore the numbers just reveal when you tip on it. In general really satisfied, and also would quickly advise it to any individual considering it.