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SMFYY Home Breakfast Machine, 3-In-1 Toaster Pan-Dish Cooking Grade, Home Multi-Function Non-Stick Pan

Key Features:
  • Five-speed adjustable: five-speed impromptu baking, freely adjust the baking stalls, add a touch of color to the breakfast, with a continuous breakfast inspiration
  • External baking rack: Freestyle irregular baking, convenient to heat and return various ingredients, not only toast, croissants, doughnuts, small meals can be baked crispy
  • Safety protection: double safety protection, safer and safer cooking, with overheating and power failure and half-hour automatic power-off function, double protection, and safer use
  • Anti-card function: One-click cancels the toast, the bread is stuck, press the cancel button, the bread automatically bounces safely and reliably Widen the bread trough and center the baking to color
  • Three in one: the bread machine, fried, steamed and versatile in one, the breakfast is no longer the same, to meet your different needs

SMFYY Home Breakfast Machine, 3-In-1 Toaster Pan-Dish Cooking Grade, Home Multi-Function Non-Stick Pan

Product description

Product Name: Multi-function breakfast machinePower: 220V~50HZRated power: 1200WRated capacity: 2 slices of breadSteamer capacity: 500MLBaking gear: 5 filesHeating method: heating tube heatingControl method: mechanicalMode of operation: push-buttonProduct color: greenProduct size: 518*238*280mmProduct features: toast, yogurt, hot milk, steamed, fried, thawed, heatedThaw function:Suitable for frozen bread, enjoy fresh flavor immediately after baking back to heatHeavy heating function:Suitable for reheating the cooling of bread, one-button reduction of bread is softHow to use the bread machine:1. Put the bread slice into the card slot and turn on the power2. Choose your favorite baked color position.3. Pull down the work bar and wait for the finished productprompt:1. No matter how thick the toast is – you can bake two slices of bread.2. Automatic centering baking bread is evenly and deliciously colored3. Baking time may vary due to different gear positionsIf you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!