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Sharp 2T-C40BG2KE1FB 40 Inch Full HD Smart TV

Key Features:
  • Full HD, with Dolby Digital+
  • Freeview HD, Freeview Play
  • Active Motion 200
Brand Sharp
Model C40BG2KE1FB

Sharp 2T-C40BG2KE1FB 40 Inch Full HD Smart TV

Product description

Aquos Net+ After connecting your Smart TV to you home network, you can enjoy movies and TV shows through the Netflix app or watch the latest internet videos on YouTube. harman/kardon sound A great picture needs great sound. The Sharp 2T-C40BG2KE1FB TV has specifically designed integrated sound systems by harman/kardon for a true cinematic experience. Active Motion 200 Conventional liquid crystal displays (LCD) reproduce blurry movements. Active Motion effectively sharpens moving pictures by creating additional frames with its powerful GPU and using high-speed LCD panels. ACE PRO Engine This powerful image optimization technology analyzes and enhances incoming video signals for accurate color reproduction, improved sharpness and reduced noise. The result is a crisp, yet natural picture. 3x HDMI Connect all your digital audio/video devices like Blu-ray players, digital set-top-boxes or advanced game consoles to your TV. USB Easily record your favourites programs or movies from built in digital tuners of your TV on external USB sticks or hard disk drives. DTS Tru Surround DTS creates virtual surround sound for a cinematic audio experience. Together with the built-in harman/kardon speaker system you will enjoy immersive sound right out of the box – no extra hardware needed. Wireless TV connection Wirelessly connect your PC or Android device to your TV and immediately send media files to the big screen. It’s a great way to enjoy photos and videos together with friends and family.