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SELFCheck Blood Glucose Level Test

Key Features:
  • A simple and reliable test to check whether your overall blood glucose level is within normal limits
  • Fast & Reliable result within minutes
  • Contains 2 single tests
  • CE Certified
Brand SELFCheck

SELFCheck Blood Glucose Level Test

Product description

Why is this test important to me?

Diabetes is one of the world's most prevalent medical conditions. Long term and untreated, high levels of glucose in the blood can cause damage to blood vessels, leading to impaired eyesight, kidney failure, nerve damage, erectile dysfunction and poor wound healing capacity. There is also a significantly higher risk of cardiac arrest and strokes. This simple test gives you a reliable and early indication of whether your blood glucose level is within normal limits and whether you are at risk of diabetes.

How do I perform this test?

Prick your fringer with the enclosed single use lancet and apply one drop of blood to the test strip. Full instructions for use enclosed.

When do I perform this test?

For best results the test should be carried out on an empty stomach and you should not have had anything to eat or drink for a period of 12 hours before carrying out the test. For more accurate results take the test first thing in the morning. It would be helpful to interpret the test results in a good light source in order to interpret the colour variations better.

Test Components:

  • 2 Foil packs each with test strip and desiccant
  • 2 Colour Charts
  • 2 single use lancets
  • 2 plasters and Instructions for Use leaflet

Important Information

Please read the enclosed Instructions for Use leaflet carefully before carrying out the test. After use, the components can be disposed of with normal household waste.