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Samsung QM85F (85 inch) 4K UHD LED 24/7 Display 5000:1 500cd/m2 3840×2160 6ms DVI HDMI DisplayPort (Black)

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Brand Samsung

Samsung QM85F (85 inch) 4K UHD LED 24/7 Display 5000:1 500cd/m2 3840×2160 6ms DVI HDMI DisplayPort (Black)

Product description

Bring the next generation of UHD picture quality to your commercial environment Todays businesses, including banks, restaurants, retailers and more, are increasingly using digital signage to engage, educate and serve their customers. Commercial digital signage usage continues to increase, and, because of its ability to offer clearer text and images, UHD has become the next big thing in display technology. With the latest UHD technology, businesses can leverage the next generation of ultimate picture quality for conveying more impactful messaging and information. UHD offers ultra-realistic detail, the ability to display more information on one screen, and four times the detail clarity, which is most evident when displaying text. For commercial applications, essential features, such as portrait mode and longer operational hours, are now combined with UHD clarity for the ultimate commercial display.

2016 New UHD Display QMF which designed for a commercial environment Available in configurations spanning 48 to 98, the UHD line-up is designed to deliver superior image quality in all environments. The versatile range of displays is specially configured to suit any business application. The UHD displays deliver a super-crisp image with high pixel density that is perfect for displaying even the smallest details of photos and videos in a hyper-realistic and immersive visual experience. The UHD line-up offers 24/7 availability as standard and high durability built in. Non-glare panels come as standard to ensure outstanding performance in bright conditions. Boasting a narrow-bezel configuration, the standalone displays offer a compact solution to environments limited by space or lighting. The unique bezel design helps drive clear, uninterrupted viewing.

Attract customers and improve brand identity with UHD lifelike images and picture quality QMF Series delivers four