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Reebok Bike, Cross Trainer & Treadmill Mats

Key Features:
  • A premium quality protective mat designed specifically to be placed under any bike or cross trainer
  • The 6 mm thick cushioning helps to protect your floor while the non-slip surface reduces any movement to give you a stable workout platform
  • The mat also reduces impact noise and vibrations to ensure you can exercise in a quiet, relaxed environment while prolonging the life of your fitness equipment
  • Measuring 155 cm in length and 65 cm in width, this CV mat has ample room to exercise on and can easily be rolled up, should you wish to store it away
  • Comes with quality assured one-year guarantee and a dedicated Reebok UK helpline and online chat, should you need any additional support or advice
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Brand Reebok

Reebok Bike & Cross Trainer Protective Mat

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The suitable base for your exercise bike or cross trainer.

Top-of-the-line mats protect your floors and help your equipment last longer. They’re made with double-thick raised edges to contain messes and clean up easily.Add a protective layer that will save your floors from the sweat and grime of your Reebok equipment.

Reebok Crosstrainer Mats come in a set of three, and each mat is 5/8 inch thick, made of foam, and weighs only 3.9 lbs. This mat set features a non-skid surface that doesn’t require any chair or equipment adjustment. Each mat comes with a carrying handle for easy transport. The Reebok Bike Mat is perfect for riding and exercising behind your bike. This mat is 6.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, giving you ample space on which to work out. This mat is also waterproof, so gym equipment and shoes won’t leave a mess on your floors.

The Reebok Bike & Cross Trainer Mat performs two functions for you: it protects your floor from the sweat and dirt that drips off your bike and cross trainer when you’re working out, and it gives you a clean, comfortable place to workout on. The mat has a non-slip surface that keeps you from sliding around during an intense session, and its foam padding insulates you from the cold, hard floor beneath.

Reebok, founded in Bolton, Lancashire in 1890 is a British sportswear company. Other products it markets include footwear, clothing and accessories such as bags and watches. Reebok distributes fitness equipment, and up until 2005, also produced athletic shoes. As of 2012, Reebok is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world.

The Reebok Mat is a very useful product for those with a treadmill as it will protect the floor from getting scratched. If the treadmill has a carpeted mat underneath the treadmill, then it may not need to be replaced by the Reebok Mat. The benefits of the treadmill mat is that it will protect the floor from scuffs and scratches and it is convenient to use.

The CV Mat from Reebok, measuring up at 155 cm x 65 cm, protects your flooring from scratches and damages when placed underneath your bike or elliptical trainer – plus, it can improve stability and reduce noise in intensive use.

Manufacturer’s Description

This high performance floor mat is ideal for cardiovascular machines and acts as a shock pad to reduce noise even in intensive use.

Box Contains

CV Mat Bike/Cross Trainer

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CV Mat Dimensions

Rolling out to 155 (L) x 65 (W) x 0.6 (H) cm, the Reebok CV Mat is fit for any exercise bike or cross-trainer; rolling away tightly for easy storage.

Floor Protection & Noise Reduction

6 mm cushioning protects your floor and reduces noise whilst the non-slip surface minimises movement for a stable workout platform.

1-Year Manufacturers Promise

Quality assured, the CV Mat features one-years assurance with a dedicated Reebok UK helpline and online chat should you need support or help.

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