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QIA Body Fat Caliper Body fat Measuring Instrument Electronic Handheld Body Fat Measurement Device Electronic Human Body Analyzer

Key Features:
  • Five functions, measuring body fat rate, so you can see fat Measure the body fat rate and let you see the fat Use the BI method (bio-resistance impedance method) to measure the body fat content and correctly determine the type of obesity
  • The BMI index indicates that obesity judgments are more accurate Based on the user registration data, the standard BMI value is calculated based on the height and the measured weight, and it is no longer necessary to judge the proportion of the body by the previous inspection angle
  • Basic metabolic measurement, help to shape the body that is not easy to gain weight, basic metabolism accounts for about 65-70% of the total calorie consumption of the human body, which is a lot of calories consumed by the human body, so it will affect the speed of weight loss to a large extent Basic metabolic measurements can be adjusted to understand the metabolic situation, allowing you to adjust your weight loss plan at any time
  • Multiple sets of data storage, user management is more convenient, can save the measurement value of 9 people, and facilitate the slimming management plan of each member of the family
  • Through the comprehensive judgment of body fat percentage and BMI, the type of obesity, the fitness fitness fat meter eFA-04H can be comprehensively judged according to BMI value and body fat rate, obesity function, five god type reflects obesity: weight loss, Standard, recessive obesity and muscle obesity
Brand QIA

QIA Body Fat Caliper Body fat Measuring Instrument Electronic Handheld Body Fat Measurement Device Electronic Human Body Analyzer

Product description

Products CharacteristicsCan input height, age, weight, Gender and parameters measurement body fat rate (fat RATIO)Display maintain life the necessary of heat Foundation metabolism value (kcal)Display physical index (BMI)Display body obesity type: lean, standard, hidden obesity, muscle of obesity, obesityThe biological impedance technology obesity (BI)Can storage 9 group user dataDigital display LCD displayJust 6 seconds can be accurate measurementThe sound of the tipsTwo minutes no operation automatic shutdown FunctionProduct Specifications:Height is set: 100 to 199.5 (every time and or reduction 0.5)Weight is set: 10 to 199.8 kg (every time and or reduction 0.2 KG)Age is set: 10 to 99-year-oldMeasurement Range: 5%-50%Measurement Accuracy: 0.1%Operation temperature:-10 °C to + 40 °CStorage temperature:-20 °C to + 60 °CPower Supply: DC 3 V (7/, Dry Battery)Product size (long × wide × high): 24*16*4 cmProduct weight: 380gProduct color: Silver

  1. QIA Body Fat Instrument.
    It is very portable and just what I need for my clients as a Personal Trainer. However, the body fat measurement is not accurate at all. It is some 16% off. Have in mind that most of these instruments are not accurate and can very from plus or minus 5/6% for the expensive products to like this at 16%. Having said that, once you have calibrated by using a machine from a registered dietitian you can pretty accurately use your QIA Body Fat Machine. The BMI was accurate though.