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Primacare Taylor Neuro Hammer Black

Key Features:
  • The most popular neuro hammer
  • Chrome handle with triangular synthetic rubber head in choice of 5 colors
  • Overall length 7 1/2"
  • Latex-free
£4.99 £5.00
Brand Primacare

Primacare Taylor Neuro Hammer Black

Product description Product Description

This taylor hammer is the most popular neuro-hammer. It has a triangular synthetic rubber head that has 5 color choices. It is latex free.. . .

Box Contains

Emergency, First Aid or any Medical Use

  1. Five Stars
  2. Good basic neuro hammer
    Nice compact neuro hammer, quite sturdy. The head made out of rubber makes it comfortable when assessing patients
  3. Fast delivery
    Super fast delivery and the item is great thank you! The actual rubber top however doesn\'t feel as sturdy as other patella hammers however I\'m sure it\'ll do the job
  4. Five Stars
  5. Good quality but not practical for professional neuro exam but ...
    Good quality but not practical for professional neuro exam but easy to carry due to small sizeI tap better with my finger
  6. Great gift
    Bought this for a \'surgeons\' event
  7. Not good for clinical use
    Too light weight to elicit any reflex response.
  8. A very basic product
    This reflex hammer is a very simple one - it\'s of the Taylor model, and the production quality is not very good, the head is made of very light, possibly hollow plastic, and it looks a bit unfinished. It is very light, so you may be tempted to use some extra force swinging it. The handle is shaped with the spike on the end for administerinf the plantax reflex test, too, so the basic functionality is there, so for the price you\'ll be getting a functional product, just don\'t expect the quality to be very good.