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Prima Home Test Multicare-In Cholestrol Strips(Pack of 5)

Key Features:
  • For an healthy lifestyle check and monitor your cardiovascular risk regularly
  • 5 Cholesterol Test Strips for use with MULTICARE IN meter
  • included the chip for the MULTICARE IN meter
  • After performing the finger prick apply the blood diretly on the strip
  • Very clean and hygienic because the blood drops go just on the strip and not on the meter Strip ejector
Brand Prima Home Test

Prima Home Test Multicare-In Cholestrol Strips(Pack of 5)

Product description Product Description

“multiCare-In cholesterol reagent strips kit” for the determination of Cholesterol concentration in blood.To be used only with the “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device”.The “multiCare-In cholesterol reagent strips kit” contains 5 cholesterol reagent strips, the instruction sheet and the data-chip for the “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device”.Using the “multiCare-In cholesterol reagent strips” with the “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device”, it is possible to quickly check the cholesterol levels in the blood or monitor the trend. The level of cholesterol in the blood is influenced by the diet, but also by: medicines, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and severe illnesses. It is recommended to check blood cholesterol concentration on all people who are used to smoke, to drink too much alcohol and to eat fat and are over weighted or do not exercise enough.The level of cholesterol in the blood is strictly correlated to the cardiovascular risk.

Values above 5.1 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) are considered high risk. The measuring range is: 3.3 – 10.2 mmol/L (130 – 400 mg/dL).“multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device” has been developed to execute several determinations from fingertip simply by changing strip. “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device” gives the possibility to check and monitor the PERSONAL CARDIOVASCULAR RISK using just one easy to use and to carry system. In fact “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device” is a new system dedicated to check and monitor the GLUCOSE, CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDES concentration in the blood. The “multiCare-In multiparameter diagnostic device” provides reliable results in about 30 seconds.


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Safety Warning

please refer to the instructions for use included in the kit

Box Contains

5 x Multicare-In Cholestrol Strips

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