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PhysioWorld Grid Foam Roller

Key Features:
  • Foam roller is designed to get deep into your muscle tissue for a good massage
  • Hollow core so does not lose shape
  • 15 cm x 33 cm in size and Ideal for travel
  • Trigger point massage suitable for Pilates, yoga, exercise
Brand PhysioWorld

PhysioWorld Grid Foam Roller

Product description

PhysioWorld's Brand New Foam Roller – Muscle Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Rehab, Yoga, Pilates, Core Body Fitness Exercise, Physio – 33 cm x 15 cm The multi purpose PhysioWorld Grid Foam Roller can be used for Massage or Yoga / Pilates or your regular Gym/Home Excercises. The specially designed bumps (approx 1 cm in height and more firm than other rollers) act as the thumbs of massage therapist providing effective massage to muscle tissues. You can target specific body parts and trigger points to relieve strain. The roller not only helps in speedy healing of muscle tissue injuries but also improves blood circulation. This excellent equipment can also be used in Yoga / Pilates as a replacement to regular smooth rollers or to challenge yourself while doing your core body (specially abs and legs) excercises. The inner foam layer is protected by PVC coating to avoid any damage to foam, making the roller durable. The compact size makes it very easy to carry anywhere you go. Product Information Material – Foam with PVC coating Dimensions (Appox) – Length 33 cm ; Diameter 15 cm Weight (Approx) – 825 gms Colour – Blue or Pink Long-lasting, durable construction Easy to clean Hollow design ensures less usage of foam than traditional rollers Package Includes * 1 Grid Foam Roller