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Orangutan Sport & Fitness Practice Slackline – 15m x 50mm – Including Instructions & Bag

Key Features:
  • The Orangutan Slackline company have been involved in the balancing arts and developing professional training lines for over two decades This line is their easy-to-use entry-level model for those interested in the world of Slacklines
  • This kit comes with everything you need to safely build your Slackline and start learning balancing tricks straight away At 50mm wide and 15m long it is versatile and geared towards novice users It will also be enjoyed by more experienced users
  • The set comes complete with a professional standard ratchet and carry bag to keep your rig portable - you'll be ready for every environment
  • Full instructions on assembly and performance tips included Learn to walk, skip and hop on your Orangutan slackline
  • Slacklining is super fun, highly addictive and a great way to improve your fitness and hone your balance skills
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Brand Orangutan Slackline

Orangutan Sport & Fitness Practice Slackline – 15m x 50mm – Including Instructions & Bag

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Although the Orangutan Classic Slackline is designed to be enjoyed by experienced slackliners, due to it's design characteristics, it is also suitable for beginners. With the perfect combination of elasticity, without being too flexible, the Classic line gives you the perfect bounce and walking experience for those first steps. Any novice will be able to progress quickly using this line. This kit includes everything you need to start learning straight away.

Legal Disclaimer

Wearing protective equipment while using the slackline is essential. Children should not use the slackline unsupervised by an adult. Always set up Slackline according to included instructions.

  1. Orangutan Sport & Fitness Practice Slackline
    We bought these to use at a girl\'s camp for about 200 teenaged girls. These are very sturdy. We attached the two sets between 2 sturdy trees using the included tree guards. These were one of the top rated obstacles in our course. We later set them up by pavilion for the girls to use and they were in constant use during daylight hours. The enclosed sack is a nice addition to keep everything neat and tidy.
  2. Good quality, easy to use, great wholesome fun
    This is the first time I am trying slackline - I have seen other people doing it. The 15 metre long slackline is easy to set up. I do not have a reference to compare but it seems good quality and does a perfectly adequate job. We watched a couple of videos to get us up the curve. Initially it was quite difficult to stand on the line but the children got a hang of it quickly. We have now tried it a few times and this will definitely be one of the sports that the whole family will partake now and then in the future. For £25, I think it is well worth trying.
  3. Excellent slack line
    Had been wanting one of these for ages after using at a friend\'s house, however, their slackline was a it of a hassle to setup - it had a ratchet, but got tangled quite easily.This was far better - despite having never set one up on my on before, it was really quick to get it connected, and the ratchet worked perfectly.Material is nice and sturdy, and the 15 metres is a pretty generous amount for the price.Highly recommended.
  4. Good quality and works well
    Our daughter has been nagging us to get a slackline as she\'s been using one a friend has and has been really enjoying it (although she falls off more often than she stays on, from what I can tell). This one is good quality and easy to hang; the ratchets work well so it\'s quite easy to secure and ensure it\'s at more or less the right tension. The bright colour (yellow) also helps, according to our daughter, as it makes the line easy to see against dark-coloured ground, which aids trying to stay on. Good.
  5. Great quality
    I got this slackline for my sister in law for when she gets back into slacklining again (she had a baby two weeks ago so she’s rather busy at the moment lol). She has checked out the slackline though and is very impressed with the quality of it, especially given the relatively low price. Apparently the quality is just as good as a more expensive one she’s bought before.My brother did rig this up so we could see it in action and one of my sister in law’s friends had a quick go. Apparently the width of this is very good, it’s wide enough for beginners to use but also great for more experienced users to practice new moves on. She was also impressed with the quality of the line.
  6. Good product
    A good product that’s reasonably well made and appears to be quite durableIt’s easy to set up with a strong ratchet tensioning systemThis fitness line is a little out my comfort zone, however, I’ve based my review on build quality and set upThe price seems to be reasonable and if this is your type of activity, this product is worth a try
  7. Great line, comparable to another more expensive line
    This slack line is 15 m long and has a maximum weight of 150 kg, which I suspect has a large margin of safety.15 m is a good length.This one doesn\'t come with tree protection. Also it doesn\'t come with a ratchet cover. For tree protection, just use towels. The tree protection that came with my other line is too short. A ratchet cover is totally unnecessary, you can use a towel too, or just start from the other end of the line.At the advertised price of £25 this is good value. My other line, 25 m, cost £69. My other line is thicker and rated to 4000 kg, but still says 1 person at a time, so make what you will of that. I\'m not sure there is any difference in actual use.I\'d recommend this, especially at that price.
  8. Rating it on someone who knew what they were doing. 💫
    If you wanted a laugh then you should have been in the park when we was trying to use this slack line - I managed to set it all up but apart from that I just couldn’t do anything else and surprised I didn’t break a bone.In the park there was a man who asked if he could have a go and you know what he was Excellent at doing it, he later told us he been doing it for years and said this was one of the best slack lines he has ever used.So I asked if he could give me some feedback and he said it’s a really nice size, made really well giving that support and making you feel safe at the same time .He just loved the fact that it came with ratchet.It Comes complete with instructions and bag but I think I may have to watch a couple more you tube videos and maybe get a little bit more fitter before using it again.