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OMRON M3 Intellisense

Key Features:
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Cuff wrapping guide
  • Wide range cuff 22-42 cm
  • Two user memory
  • Warranty of 3 years
Brand Omron

OMRON M3 Intellisense

Product description Product Description

- man - OMRON M3 Intellisense- man and child2 - OMRON M3 Intellisense OMRON M3

Taking your blood pressure is simple with the M3 monitor. The M3 has a wide cuff (22–42 cm) that can be adjusted to suit a variety of arm sizes, and the cuff wrapping guide icon lights up when the cuff is wrapped correctly, allowing you to feel more confident about the accuracy of your results. The M3 is also equipped with a memory function that allows for two users to store up to 60 readings each. Accuracy as well as comfort is ensured with Intellisense technology, which always inflates the cuff to the peak pressure that is tailored to your own blood pressure level, ensuring a more comfortable measurement.

Hypertension – what is blood pressure?

  • The heart is a very powerful pump that beats steadily
  • The pressure created by the heart to pump the blood through the blood vessels is called blood pressure
  • When the heart muscle contracts the blood surges through the arteries – this is when the systolic (upper) blood pressure value occurs
  • The diastolic (lower) value is the resting pressure before the heart contracts again
  • Ideally your blood pressure should be below 140/85 mmHg

There are approximately 16 million people in the UK with high blood pressure, however nearly two thirds are not aware of the fact, which is understandable when there are no symptoms. However, if left, high blood pressure can lead to strokes and heart problems.

Why choose an OMRON blood pressure monitor? Clinically validated

Every OMRON blood pressure monitor is tested for accuracy against the clinical guidelines for measuring blood pressure that are specified by the European Society of Hypertension. A clinically validated monitor means that it has undergone tests conducted by independent doctors according to a predetermined protocol, which includes ensuring the accuracy of the measurements (algorithm) of the blood pressure monitors.

Intellisense technology

OMRON Intellisense is an advanced technology for blood pressure measurement. An Intellisense monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use, meaning that each reading has a personalised inflation level that is right for the user.

Benefits of the OMRON M3

  • An Intellisense monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use
  • No adjustments are required by the user to select an inflation level
  • Especially convenient for hypertensive users because their blood pressure is likely to fluctuate
  • Personalised inflation for maximum comfort and accurate results

The technology – easy high blood pressure indicator

Interpreting blood pressure results is difficult, and many people get confused as to whether their level is healthy. With the easy high blood pressure indicator, an orange light indicates whether your blood pressure is above the normal range. This helps you to interpret your results more easily.

- HprWO - OMRON M3 Intellisense What is high blood pressure? view larger

According to the blood pressure classification by the International Society of Hypertension (1999)

Easy to use

OMRON's M3 allows you to measure your blood pressure with ease and accuracy in the comfort of your own home in just a few steps. After positioning yourself and the cuff, it's simply a matter of turning the machine on, pressing start, and then recording the measurement.

Our heritage

By developing state-of-the-art products that match high criteria in blood pressure monitoring technology, OMRON offers long lasting quality and accuracy. "M-Series" sphygmomanometers, the OMRON M2 features Intellisense technology for fast, comfortable and accurate blood pressure measurements. The M2 is supplied with a 22-32 cm cuff as standard. A larger armband is available as an option. Typically, OMRON monitors are clinically validated, assuring you reliable readings. By taking steps to monitor and manage your own blood pressure, you can vastly improve the chances of greater long-term health and be able to provide your doctor with valuable information.

- Clinically Validated - OMRON M3 Intellisense

Clinically validated

- Cuff guide - OMRON M3 Intellisense

Cuff wrapping guide

- Easy Cuff - OMRON M3 Intellisense

Easy Cuff

- Average 3 Readings - OMRON M3 Intellisense

Average of three readings

- 2 User Memory - OMRON M3 Intellisense

Two user memory

- M2 basic - OMRON M3 IntellisenseM2 Basic - M2 - OMRON M3 IntellisenseM2 - M3 - OMRON M3 IntellisenseM3 - M6 - OMRON M3 IntellisenseM6 Comfort - M10 IT - OMRON M3 IntellisenseM10IT - MIT - OMRON M3 IntellisenseMIT Elite Plus Intelli Wrap cuff – – – ✔ – – Easy blood pressure level indicator – – – ✔ – – Easy high blood pressure level indicator – – ✔ – – – Blood pressure level bar – ✔ ✔ – – – USB connectivity – Bi-LINK online health management platform – – – – ✔ ✔ Body movement detection – – ✔ ✔ – – Morning Hypertension detection – – – ✔ ✔ – Averaging function – – ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Intellisense technology ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Cuff supplied Medium 22 – 32 cm Medium cuff 22-32cm Easy cuff 22 – 42 cm Intelli Wrap cuff 22 – 42 cm Medium / large 22 – 32 cm Medium 22 – 32 cm Optional cuff size Large 32 – 42 cm Large 32 – 42 cm Small 17 – 22cm None None MIT cuff 32 – 42 cm

Box Contains

1 x Main unit1 x Cuff (22–42 cm)1 x Instruction manual1 x Blood pressure diary1 x Set of batteries1 x Storage case

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  1. Stopped working after 5-6 weeks
    I purchased this item to use it for work in my role as ANP. Worked well initially but after 5-6 weeks just stopped working. I can't find any details to feedback to seller or to arrange return or refund . Omron are a well resepcted company so feel let down.Not happy .
  2. It was recommended that I got an upper arm one as it ...
    I bought this as I wanted a more accurate blood pressure monitor than an old wrist one I have. It was recommended that I got an upper arm one as it would be more accurate. Having read a lot of reviews I opted for this one. I found the upper arm one much more cumbersome to use than the wrist one and, over a number of measurements, was concerned that my other one had been measuring low as these were consistently much higher. I tried taking two measurements each time with a five minute gap between as was recommended by my health care practitioner, but it carried on being very high and hard to use. I then tested the monitor against three other monitors in addition to the other one I own - one of which was the one my GP uses in surgery and one of which was the one in reception at the GPs surgery. Against all of them it read significantly higher. I don't know if I just had a faulty one, but as I specifically got this to be more accurate than one I already had, it was no use to me.
  3. Works Like a Charm - But Please Do it Properly
    Works like a charm.Just be sure you understand the reasons for having your arm the same height as your heart and made sure your back is supported and your legs are not crossed and you have been set quiet (not watching TV or talking or thinking of anything stressful) and rested for a few minutes before you press the button.All the things above increase BP and yet whenever I get it done by a nurse or a doctor they never adhere to these important thingsThe idea is to get a "Resting BP reading"Our BP will spike all day every day but as long as it is not permanently in the high its not too much to worry about. Long term chronic high BP will put too much stress on the heart and this leads to heart disease and heart failure. But as long as your BP is within the normal range when you are "rested" then the heart gets a rest too....Also, if your peri - menopause woman - your BP may be high due to hormonal imbalances as mine is. I take supplements celery seed extract which thins the blood AND adds elasticity to your veins which helps blood get through them and therefor lowers blood pressure.Get a good brand - do some research on the brand - read the reviews and try them before resorting to prescription drugs !
  4. Very easy to use
    When my GP suggested that I purchase a home blood pressure monitor, I spent a very long time reading all the reviews for all the machines. I eventually chose this one. It is one used by many doctors, is very easy to operate, keeps a record of two people's measurements and is simple to attach the upper arm cuff. It displays your heart rate as well as blood pressure, and indicates if it is outside the recommended levels. It has been very helpful to note that at home under normal circumstances I do not have a blood pressure problem. It is higher at the surgery due to the anticipation. I am very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend it.
  5. Easy to use and trustworthy.
    I've used a few different blood pressure monitors over the years. This one is the easiest to use. It tells you if the cuff is not placed correctly. It also tells you if you moved too much. It tells you if your pulse is irregular and lights up to warn you if your blood pressure is too high. (different lights for systolic and diastolic).Omron is one of the brands trusted by health care professionals, so I feel happy that I can trust it to be accurate. This model can record the blood pressures of two different people at the flick of a switch and also has a guest setting for a 3rd person. The cuff is amply big enough for larger people. Other models I have had in the past I had to buy a separate cuff because the one supplied was too small, and only catered for small to medium build people. Very pleased with this blood pressure monitor. I bought this some time ago now but it still works perfectly. I use it twice per day at the moment and the batteries always last really well.
  6. Foolproof
    Cuff is quite easy to fit one-handed. Warnings for incorrect fitting and movement. Simple one-button activation. Clear display with additional warnings for sub-optimal readings. Good memory capability that will more than cover a typical GP request for twice daily readings over a fortnight. Averaging of three readings within a 10 minute period is also useful. Adequate instruction manual in multiple languages.in summary, an easy to use machine at a reasonable price.
  7. Hit a sweet spot for price against features, and is a model validated by the BIHS as accurate
    Reaching that rough age where you start to consider your own mortality with increasing seriousness I couldn't remember the last time I'd ever had a blood pressure test and with some concerns I felt I wanted to start monitoring it. Buying a monitor seemed easier than trying to get in at at my GP's and I felt it might give me an early warning whether I needed to do that or not, peace of mind for my own benefit. With this in mind, I didn't want to be misled with inaccurate readings so I started with the NHS webpage guide for 'home blood pressure monitor', don't know if I'm allowed to post links in reviews but I'm sure can search for that. This gave good info and said to use the British Hypertension Society's 'Validated BP Monitors for Home Use' to find some models that have been tested and confirmed as accurate for home use... which utlimately led me to this brand and model. It hit a sweet spot for price against features, it says it detects erratic heart beats, and remembers the last 30 tests, and also supports two users worth of memory so both my wife and I can use it. Extra peace of mind knowing it's been validated as accurate by a third party too. No problems with using it, the instructions are really straight forward. Essentially plug it in, attach it a cm above your elbow crease, just tight enough so that it doesn't slip by itself, valve positioned toward the inner crease of your elbow, seated, feet flat and arm flat, perfect on a dinner table or sofa arm. Press the button and go. I'm not actually using the included chart as I'm logging the results in an app on my phone, but the chart helps explain what ranges are normal.