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OMRON EVOLV All-In-One, Wireless, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Black

Key Features:
  • Wrap it on Press a button Take control of your cardiovascular health
  • Measuring your blood pressure - at home or on the go - has never been easier thanks to EVOLV's compact and sleek design; It's as simple as pressing "Start"
  • Never second guess a reading with OMRON's unique Intel Wrap Cuff Technology which ensures an accurate reading, every time - in any position around your upper arm
  • Use your readings to get a better understanding of your health by tracking and sharing your results in the “OMRON connect” App
  • View your blood pressure results clearly on EVOLV’s built-in HD OLED display, even when taking readings at night
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OMRON EVOLV All-In-One, Wireless, Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – Black

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OMRON EVOLV. New All-in-one, connected, upper arm blood pressure monitor. No tubes, no wires, simply accurate. It has unique features which makes it an unmatched blood pressure monitor including OMRON's Intel Wrap Cuff Technology for consistent accurate results. OMRON blood pressure monitors have proven reliability and accuracy under rigorous testing procedures by major health organizations.

1) 1. Bilo G et al. Hypertens Res 2017. 40(6): 573-580.

Box Contains

EVOLV Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor;Instruction manual;Storage case;Battery set;Set-up instructions for "OMRON connect".

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  1. Unreliable, frustrating, not ready for market
    It\'s never good when you\'re asked by the hospital to come in daily for blood pressure checks, thought I\'d save the hassle and stress (it elevates on the premises!) by buying a blood pressure monitor of my own and EVOLV ticked all the boxes, especially re the app connected nature of it.Sorry to say that one week on from arrival, it\'s heading back to Amazon for replacement due to persistent connectivity issues that the usual approaches (app removal and reinstallation, Bluetooth unpairing and pairing, EVOLV reset, even a complete iOS reset) cannot rectify. I\'d go as far as to say that it has actually increased my blood pressure...This product simply isn\'t ready for market, I expected better from Omron.
  2. I found the Solution
    The same problem. No reliable connection, if not at all, with iPhone (7). It is obvious that it\'s not only me. So. Please fix the software to transfer the data. BWUpdate!!!DO NOT trust the batteries. Replace the batteries that come with theEVOLV immediately. I had a serious con problem, see above. When I replaced the batteries with Eneloop 930mAh there was NO con problem AT ALL. So, its NOT the software. BW 24/4/18
  3. Very easy to use.
    Very easy to use. I have to take readings on my right arm and putting on a traditional cuff with a damaged left hand was proving to be impossible, and probably raised my blood pressure! The cuff has an arm shaped section which you slide up your arm to the correct position and then a velcro flap to close. You don’t have to get it very tight before you start taking a reading.It comes in a neat zip case and was very easy to set up and connect to my iPad. You can use without a phone or ipad but obviously is is much easier if you can see the readings on the Omron Connect app.Tested against a blood pressure monitor at the surgery it appears to be accurate.It is for one person only. I did use it to check my husband’s blood pressure and then deleted his readings from the app so that my records were not messed up. Deleting is easy on the app.It is worth noting that the price fluctuates regularly. Luckily I purchased at the bottom of the cycle and was quite surprised when I came back to write a review to see the price is much higher. Checking on CamelCamelCamel the price bounces in a regular pattern. It is expensive but I might not have bought at the price showing today. I didn’t like paying the price I did pay but it is very good and IMO worth it.
  4. Buy an M7 for home and some wrist units instead of this product!
    well, I owe an Omron M7 which is a fantastic product but this one is big disappointment. I bought this with the thought that it will be good for travelling. Oh boy was I wrong. The interaction between the unit and the app is really bad. It fails most of the time and it takes really long time until it actually finally does it. This is not a problem with the M7 unit which is transferring data 100% of the time and quite fast. This also could mean that this is some trouble with the unit not the app.The values it outputs are bit different from the M7 and I would guess that the error of the values is also bigger than the M7. Omron should consider to redesign the Bluetooth connection of this product.I can recommend the M7 but not this product.
  5. if you want to record your results electronically it is worse than useless
    This machine works well if you want to take and manually record your blood pressure. However, if you want to record your results electronically it is worse than useless.I am on my second machine having returned the first one I bought. Both machines would connect initially to the omron connect app but would fail to connect on subsequent occasions.The only way to reconnect the machine seems to be to delete and reinstall the app and unpair and reconnect the Bluetooth every time you take a reading.I have tried 5 different phones both apple and android and 2 different evolv monitors and not one maintains a connection.If you want a machine to record your BP readings electronically avoid the omron evolv.
  6. Mixed Bag
    I\'ve had an Omron M10 - IT for some time but decided to upgrade when my surgery started reporting higher BP readings than I was getting on that machine. So here are my initial impressions of the Evolv.* Compact unit, no tubes.* Not as solidly built as the M10 - feels much more of a \"consumer\" item rather than a proper bit of medical kit. Not sure how long the all in one design will last.* Expensive for what it is. This may be new model syndrome.* Cuff fits well. Not had a failed reading yet* More accurate (higher) BP readings (but need to confirm this at my surgery)* The app is OKish if you can establish a Bluetooth connection with your phone. Check the Omron compatibility list. If your phone is not there, it may not work and you should not buy without consulting Omron. So much for Bluetooth being a universal wireless connection protocol. The app provides graphs,charts and an export function although the latter is a bit buried in the menu system. Generally, the app feels in need of further development.* Unlike the M10, the Evolv does not link to a PC or Mac.* The Evolv does not support two users unlike the 8 yr old M10. This has got to be a marketing disaster for Omron. It will put off a lot of couples who both need a BP monitor.So the Evolv is a bit of a mixed bag. It does the important bit (measuring BP) well. Hopefully Omron can resolve some of the software problems and limitations through upgrades to the app.