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Omron 9956685-4 Omron Comfort Cuff, 22 to 42 cm

Key Features:
  • Country of Origin : Italy
  • The Package Height of the Product is 163 centimeters
  • The Package Length of the Product is 105 centimeters
  • The Package Width of the Product is 96 centimeters
£22.95 £24.00
Brand Omron

Omron 9956685-4 Omron Comfort Cuff, 22 to 42 cm

Product description

The Omron preformed comfort cuff has been designed to offer comfort and support during inflation. This medium to large cuff (22-42cm) is suitable for the following Omron blood pressure monitors – M7 M10 IT M6 Comfort iC-10

    Purchased this as a replacement cuff for one which had earlier had become rather loose around the arm. Although it is a great improvement I still find it a little loose. Have been unable to find a smaller measurement cuff for my purpose. Item well packaged and promptly delivered.
  2. To replace torn cuff
    Does what it says although had to swap over the adapter.
  3. Does not fit Omron model M7
    The cuff looks to be excellent but the two fittings for the tube to our Omron model M7 BP machine are too big and do not fit. I have had to return the cuff.
  4. Buy bigger
    I bought extra large and description said it would fir me but It didnt. Seller didn\'t agree to swap. . Buy bigger size than you actually need to be on safe side.
  5. Just the job
    I bought this because the original wouldn\'t stay done up. This is fine and much cheaper than buying a complete new monitor.The tube is a bit short but just use the one from the old cuff, it\'s just a push fit and then you don\'t have to fit the adaptor either.
  6. The original one gave me good service for about 3 years
    This was purchased as a replacement for M6 Comfit upper arm BP monitor. The original one gave me good service for about 3 years. This one is a perfectly replacement for it.Before purchasing this, I did try a non comfit arm band in the monitor. I found that it inflated really quickly and appeared to over-inflate.However, there did not appear to be any difference in the BP reading with it. Still, I preferred the slow inflation of the comfit arm band and so purchased this. This is many times costlier than a normal arm band but I found it worthwhile to pay the extra amount for the comfort it provided while taking the BP measurement.
  7. Doesn't fit the M7 without a bit of work
    Does not fit the M7 using the bits in the box.Need to take the blue machine end off the old longer tube and fit it onto the new shorter thinner tube - and its a tight fit. You cannot just swap the tube as new tube is thinner, and a good bit shorter
  8. Genuine spare for Omron M7 bp meter, improved - and not so good
    I bought this cuff to replace that which came with the M7 bp meter two or three years ago. The velcro on the old one got to the point where it had almost given up holding to itself so the cuff would fly open when the pump started. I felt this was pretty poor for a machine which professionals use and yet I had only used for myself at irregular intervals - a very light use, in fact.Although the new cuff is essentially the same design, it does appear to have some changes the the construction of the wrap-around so maybe Omron did recognise that the cuff needed improving. Anyway, so far so good but It\'s only been used for about 50 readings - time will tell!What is not so good is that Omron have considerably shortened the air pressure tube which connects the cuff to the machine. If you\'re careful, it\'s no problem but it\'s very easy to make a moderately small sweeping movement with the arm and find the machine being jerked across the table. All for a few pence saving on rubber tube!