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NEC Multisync UN462VA Monitor

Key Features:
  • Original premium quality
Brand Brand: NEC

NEC Multisync UN462VA Monitor

Product description

Turn every wall into an opportunity The slim NEC Multisync UN462VA turns any wall into an opportunity to reliably display information like passenger information, restaurant menus, or corporate agendas. And it does so for less the price, while never sacrificing performance. These displays were made with busy spaces in mind airports, train stations, casual dining restaurants and even mission-critical spots like control rooms and optimised to project static and moving content. Designed with 500 cd/m² of brightness, these screens are easy to read under common light conditions. Installation and operation is a breeze. It comes equipped with powerful calibration capabilities, so the initial video wall setup requires minimal effort, while the long-term colour and brightness will maintain a striking homogeneity. The screen's frameless design forms a flat digital canvas that allows it to blend in and create one continuous image across multiple screens.

– Easy to install its simple to get your display up and running with its out-of-the-box calibrated picture pre-sets, managing colour settings and uniformity controlled by the SpectraView Engine not to mention its simple, software-free calibration capabilities – Accelerate your video wall configuration set up your wall in no time with the displays powerful configuration capabilities, which include Auto ID/IP, Auto Tile Matrix, and Tile-/Frame Compensation. Enjoy flawless playback across your entire video wall – Long-lasting continuous pictures align your display with powerful calibration capabilities. Use the white copy function, colour drift correction, uniformity control, self-calibration and validation to create a continuous surface across multiple screens that gives the appearance of one, seamless wall – Reliable image reproduction best suited for static image reproduction with reliable accuracy in mission