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Midwifery Gift Box Set

Key Features:
  • Perfect Midwife Gift
  • Dual Head Stethoscope, FaceShield in Keyring
  • Sphygmomanometer, Clinell Instant Hand Sanitiser
  • Tourniquet, Pen Torch, Dressing Scissors, Pinard Stethoscope
  • Silicone Analogue Fob Watch, Artery Forceps
Brand FunkyMidwife

Midwifery Gift Box Set

Product description

The Pink Nursing Goodie Box comes fully boxed with all the following (in pink of course!) – Dual Head Stethoscope – Sphygmomanometer – Pinard Stethoscope – Pen Torch – Tourniquet – Tuff Cutt Utility Scissor – FaceShield in Keyring – Silicone Analogue Fob Watch – Dressing Scissors – Artery Forceps – Clinell Instant Hand Sanitiser