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Medisana Bathroom Glass Scales

Key Features:
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display
  • Toggles between kilograms, pounds and stones
  • Four high-precision strain gauge sensors for accurate results
  • Convenient "step-on" switch
  • Maximal load capacity: 150 kg
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Brand Brand: Medisana

Medisana Bathroom Glass Scales

Product description Product Description

Medisana Personal Bathroom Scales PS 400 | Convenient "step-on" switch | Tread area of 6 mm safety glass | Large easy-to-read LCD display |Toggles between kilograms, pounds and stones | Four high-precision strain gauge sensors for accurate results | Automatic switch-off after 10 seconds | Extra slim design | Maximal load capacity: 150 kg | Technical Data: Size: approx. 30 x 30 x 1.7 cm | Weight: approx. 1.5 kg | Measuring range up to 150 kg, 330 lb, 24 st | Graduation: 100 g, 0.2 lb, 1/4 lb | Display size: 72 mm x 30.5 mm | Battery: 1 x CR2032

Box Contains

Glass Scales ManualBattery 1 x CR2032

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  1. You can't go wrong.
    These scales are small (30\"x30\") and light (they weigh less than a bag of sugar) and I do so prefer glass scales to the old metal type that always went rusty in the bathroom. These will (like all scales) weigh in metric or imperial up to 24 stones.They are easy to clean with no ridges and have an auto-cut-off after 10 seconds. The display is easy to read. I don\'t know if they are precise but they tell me I weigh what I expected having previously weighed myself on 2 different scales, so I\'m sure they are accurate enough for general purpose.The accompanying booklet is a prime example of the Nanny State with a whole page of directions on how to use the scales safely. So don\'t bother suing if you fall off. Medisana have covered all eventualities except a bolt of lightning. They also tell you to stand up straight and keep still which no-one has said to me since I was at school.There are 14 warnings about battery safety too. I had no idea that they were so dangerous.Still:--nice scales from a reputable dealer and they seem robust and perfectly adequate with a 3 year guarantee.
  2. Very nice scales.
    Like kettles or toasters, bathroom scales have but one purpose, and so they are judged on very narrow parameters. Reliability, efficiency, cost and looks.These scales are very solidly constructed, but only time will tell if the inner workings are solid enough to keep on working for years, judging from the outside which is the only way possible, I can only say, probably.Setting them up is very easy and my weight as registered on these is no different to to the scales used at the doctors when I went for a check up earlier this month. So, accuracy is good as new.Checking on the product page, £21 seems a reasonable price for scales of this obvious build quality.Finally, looks. These are very thin, glass, ultra modern looking scales that are plain and unobtrusive enough to grace any style of bathroom but would truly come into their own in the modern, curvy, minimalist style bathrooms currently in vogue.This is an example of the next generation of scales, and are solid, sleek and accurate.
  3. Slim, sleek scale
    The Medisana glass bathroom scale is a basic home personal scale designed to cope with weights up to 125kgs. It\'s slimline form means it takes up very little space but is stylish enough to look at home in the swishest of bathrooms. It\'s powered by an included lithium battery that you need to remove plastic insulating strip from in order for it to work Once done, pop yourself on it and your weight appears in large black numerals which are extremely easy to see. It can be set to display in pounds, stones and pounds or kg formats and switches itself off after ten seconds. The rubber feet on the base give a secure no slip platform and it feels a lot more sturdy than it\'s sleek lines would suggest. It may not have the features of more expensive models but it does it\'s job as a home scale well, results appear accurate and it\'s unobtrusive, All in all a decent product.
  4. So slim and light and step on weighing saves time.
    These when first seen are so slim it is hard to imagine they could take weight of a 150kg person but they say they do! I fortunately cannot test that function and am about half that and they worked fine. The step on function is fabulous - my existing ones used to need you to stelp on then off to wake them up: this one only need you to step one, no delay needed.To use first time, open the battery compartment underneath and pull out the plastic strip and close.To change the setting from default kg, you need to step on then turn scales over, find the little button and press it twice if you want stones and pounds.The best thing about these is they are so light, it means I can store them on a shelf out of the way and lift them easily when I want to weigh myself. For those interested, these scales are 1.7kg.Finally. I compared them to my existing scales and they agreed. The stones and pound function I noted however on these only had full pounds and not tenths of a pound which my existing ones have and so will round up or down to the nearest pound.Nonetheless, the fact these have step on use and so slim and light mean they have surpassed the existing scales.
  5. An attractive set of bathroom scales
    SCALE======It\'s a lovely looking scale. Simple. You step on... voila! It gives you your weight. No stuff like entering your height, shoe size and star sign. it does not give your BMI, heart rate, lottery numbers, etc.Simple. A Simple straightforward weighting machine.ACCURATE=========I\'m afraid it is. I tried breathing in but it still gave an accurate reading of my weight. I set it to KGs and the display is clear and readable. So if you\'re light it\'ll tell you. If you\'re a big fatty it\'ll only tell you by way of telling you your weight. (But I\'m convinced it tuts- \"Oh gosh you need to lose some weight!\"... or maybe that\'s my imagination..)LIGHT=====It\'s light and very thin. It looks rather nice in our bathroom. (perhaps the opposite of me.)OVERALL========It\'s a nice thin scale which I hope will last years. I\'ll update this if I have any problems. Hope this helps.
  6. Medisana well made easy to read if you need scales buy these
    Medisana Bathroom Glass Scales ...Medisana well made easy to read if you need scales buy these 5starsupdate 4th July 2018 have to update my review as the scales no longer work I have replaced the battery with a new one it then lasts for one reading before it shows Lo for low battery. When I take the battery out of it \'s battery fixing it is obvious that the battery is not connecting, very dissapointed hoping to contact the seller.
  7. not particularly easy to see
    This is a slightly disappointing product: the weight read-out uses a rather small font and, as it is not backlit, not particularly easy to see...and I have excellent vision! I would have expected better from the German firm Medisana.