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MARU Fitness Kickboard

Key Features:
  • Ideal for isolating lower body to build leg strength
  • Two grip holes allow for different positions when training
  • Non-chafing
  • CE approved
Brand Maru

MARU Fitness Kickboard

Product description

The Maru Two Grip Fitness Kickboard gives a great grip for swim club training or fitness swimming and has 2 grip holes at the top of the board.


  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Perfect for isolating the lower body for strength building
  • Two grip holes allow for different positions when training
  • Non-chafing
  • Non-toxic
  • CE approved

From the manufacturer - grey pixel - MARU Fitness Kickboard- 4bca88a7 9a61 49d2 a1d2 d38274dd11ce - MARU Fitness Kickboard Maru Two Grip Fitness Kickboard

Made from a lightweight, non-chafing foam for maximum comfort and durability, Maru's colourful kickboards are a perfect accessory for any swim session.

Designed for all swimming conditions and abilities, the fitness kickboard features two grip holes for exceptional grip and different hand positions whilst training.

Perfect for adding resistance and isolating the lower body to concentrate on improving leg strength and working on kicking techniques.

Ideal for improving balance and body position in the water, and providing extra buoyancy and stability whilst focusing on working out the legs.

Key Features

  • Two Grip Holes
  • Non-Chafing Foam
  • Improves Leg Strength
  • Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 3.5 cm

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Dive Into Colour!

At Maru Swimwear, we dive into colour, bridging the gap between performance and fashion with our unique and vibrant competition and training ready swimwear and range of colourful training accessories.


In our bid to tackle ocean plastic, we've created a range of ocean friendly swimwear with our new Ecotech fabric which uses ECONYL, a regenerated nylon created from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste.

Sea Life Trust

Maru is an official partner of the Sea Life Trust, a global charity dedicated to protecting the world's oceans. We donate 100% of profits from the sale of our special Sea Life Trust range of swimsuits to help fund the many projects they run globally to reduce ocean plastic.

Level Water

Maru is proud to support Level Water, an amazing British charity committed to helping children with physical and sensory disabilities learn to swim, by provided swimming equipment to children and instructors who are part of Level Water.

Read more - 138bd68f 6d94 4d48 8cc0 c4ec5fa9cf19 - MARU Fitness Kickboard- 47224e81 7bf4 4639 b9c9 b40af8501607 - MARU Fitness Kickboard- d9f551ca 6151 4d41 9205 061bc48b73a2 - MARU Fitness Kickboard- 67d203e0 98d2 4106 8395 76cc12a176ac - MARU Fitness Kickboard- 7e3109d7 5924 4f1b 93c4 5ce1e7dc7622 - MARU Fitness Kickboard Training Fins Hand Paddles Kickboard Pull Buoy Swimming Cap Material Silicone Paddles with silicone straps Foam Foam Silicone Design Short fin design Contoured shape Two grip holes for different hand positions Designed to fit comfortably between the legs High strength composition Key Benefit Improves leg strength Builds upper body strength Improves leg strength Improves arm stroke Reduces drag in the water Key Benefit Increases resistance Increases resistance Targets the lower body to focus on kick technique Isolates the upper body to improve stroke technique Protects hair from chlorine damage Key Benefit Improves ankle flexibility Multiple hold positions suitable for all swimmers