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Manduka Journey On Communter Yoga Mat Bag

Key Features:
  • Hands free yoga mat carrier
  • Comfy, durable, ­fits all mats
  • Easy closure Gravity cinch
  • Made from natural cotton webbing and cotton twill
  • 3 logos: 'manduka', 'practice on', & our circle frog logo
Brand Manduka

Manduka Journey On Communter Yoga Mat Bag

Product description

Are you a yogi on the go? No more hassle packing and carrying your yoga gear to and from the Studio

Manduka's journey on collection is designed to give you the freedom to move through your daily life joyfully, mindfully, and with your yoga mat at hand, ready to practice. Whether you are travelling to the studio or taking your practice on the road, the commuter is a new, inspired way to carry your belongings, your love of yoga, and your commitment to the planet, without sacrificing style or performance.

The commuter is simple, beautiful, and unlike any other sling on the market, made from soft, durable, all-natural materials. With colour contrasting twill details, The commuter is a fresh, new, nature-inspired look designed to add joy and versatility to any practice.

– Dark grey with poppy twill tape at the shoulder

– 3 Logos: Manduka, Practice On, & our circle frog logo

– Hands free yoga mat carrier

– Comfy, durable, fits all mats

– Easy closure gravity cinch – No noise! No velcro, snaps or buckles so you don't disrupt your practice. Simply loop it around the mat & let gravity do the work

– Padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort