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LEG MASTER Fiona Summers LegMaster Slim BLUE Total Body Exerciser Home Gym Fitness Equipment Weight Loss Aid Slimming and Exercising Legs, Thigh

Key Features:
  • Thighs, legs and now arms, back and tummy strengthened, tightened and toned
  • Swellings, unsightly blemishes and even Cellulite are essentially 'squeezed' away
  • Now comes fully assembled and ready to use immediately Can even be used seated
  • The Pelvic Floor muscles are repeatedly contracted and strengthened with each sweep of the legs
  • See the muscles worked in the Video Demo: Copy and paste this link: https://youtube/4gSeMPPlKWI

LEG MASTER Fiona Summers LegMaster Slim BLUE Total Body Exerciser Home Gym Fitness Equipment Weight Loss Aid Slimming and Exercising Legs, Thigh

Product description

LEGMASTER® is the only full-body workout system that tones, strengthens, and builds the entire leg – from calf to thigh – in just minutes a day. Its breakthrough is the unique patented exercise technology that was invented by a leading exercise physiologist. The LEGMASTER® exerciser increases flexibility, tone, strength, endurance and muscle mass in the legs. LEGMASTER® combines training principles from strength training, aerobic exercise and physical therapy into a total-body workout that is as simple as it is effective. For optimum results, try it in combination with other favorite leg exercises: squats, lunges, and leg extensions.

The LEGMASTER Total Body Slim Gym is the most advanced exercise machine on the market today. This is the only exercise machine that targets, tones and slims all major body areas in one simple workout.

This high-quality, blue-colored equipment is ideal for anyone looking to get in shape. The kit includes a sturdy exercise board with a padded exercise strap and foot strap. You can perform a wide variety of exercises with the equipment, including quadriceps, triceps, calf and glute exercises.

The LEG MASTER 2000X is the extreme leg and butt machine that could change your life. It is not just a workout machine, but a chance to make your legs and butt look and feel their very best without ever leaving home. The LEG MASTER Complete Fit System is a complete, easy-to-use, home-based gym. It comes complete with all the pieces you need to get the most out of your workouts.

The LEG MASTER Fiona Summers LegMaster Slim BLUE Total Body Exerciser Home Gym Fitness Equipment is built for creating lean, sexy legs and a firm, trim body. It has a unique, patented design that targets the lower body and delivers results you just can’t get from other fitness equipment. It is also a great full-body workout; with easy-to-use tension controls, it can help you build a firm, toned body throughout. Plus, the LEG MASTER is small enough to be stored easily and put out of the way when you’re not using it. It’s even convenient enough for use in the office while you’re on the job.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a casual runner, or barely able to walk from your chair to your couch, you’ll get a lot of benefits from the Leg Master Fitness Equipment. The Leg Master is great for toning and strengthening not only your legs, but also your arms, core, and even your abs. It’s also lightweight and portable, so you can use it

See Fiona Summers LegMaster Slim in action here copy and paste this link: https://youtu.be/O2gIQRooLFs

Not everyone was born with great legs….. but now you can look like you were.

The Legmaster Slim Total Body seen here with NEW flexible handlebar which gives an upper body workout in conjunction with the best lower body workout you will have tried outside the Gym.

It slims, tones and shapes the inner thigh, outer buttocks, lower leg, front of the thigh, back of the thigh – in fact the whole leg. It also engages the lower abdominals and the lower back. And now the NEW feature of toning the upper arms, upper back and chest.

The LegMaster uses over 200 muscles in the lower and upper body simultaneously, they are worked in an ‘all out’ effort to raise the entire body weight up against gravity to the top of the specifically designed curved ramp.

The Pelvic Floor is repeatedly contracted and strengthened. A side effect of this inner thigh pelvic floor training is the muscles used to control ‘incontinence’ issues are strengthen,tightened and made to work properly again.

The LegMaster uses your own body weight to provide classic strength training. Raising and lowering your body in this manner is strength training at its most natural.

Yes it tones the inner thighs.

Yes it firms the buttocks

Yes it strengthens your PELVIC FLOOR.