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JSBVM Multifunctional Breadmaker Home Breakfast Machine Small Toaster Breakfast Lazy Artifact

Key Features:
  • 2 minutes delicious breakfast in place, one-touch, automatic baking, everything is so simple, multi-position control temperature, is your intimate choice, double-sided baking, save time and worry, slag tray, easy to clean , Anti-seize safety protection, 38cm widened card slot
  • 1-4 gears are recommended for daily use, and 5-7 gears are available for special needs Please read the instruction manual carefully before use One-touch press is simple and convenient It is easier to go to complex The morning time is more calm and easy , Will not burn
  • It can be thawed and reheated The wave-shaped heating net is uniform and efficient Say goodbye to traditional toasting, baking one side after another, thawing function, safe and healthy, and always take care of the health and safety of the family
  • Insulation material design is more secure Under repeated use of the heat engine, it is recommended to downshift operation Multiple gears, as you like, crispy and delicious, healthy and delicious with you There is a stainless steel card slot inside Safety
  • Metal body, high temperature resistance and no odor, retains the aroma of bread, is not easy to deform, easy to clean, energy saving and environmental protection

JSBVM Multifunctional Breadmaker Home Breakfast Machine Small Toaster Breakfast Lazy Artifact

Product description

One fry and one toast, good breakfast, different every day, baking frying and steaming, non-stick pan frying pan, 6-position baking, stainless steel, high temperaturecircuit protection, thawing function, can toast bread. Toast, boiled eggs, and fried bacon. At the same time, it only takes five minutesto cook a nutritious breakfast. It can be used at high temperature and rest assured. The inner layer and the steaming plate areeasy to clean, non-stick coating for food contact, adjustable fire size, easy control of firepower, dust-proof cover, dust is not easy to get in, external grill, easy to heat bread, draw-out type chip box Mobile phone crumbs are easyto clean. Anti-dry-burn protection, automatic tripping at high temperature, the first use, do not put bread in the bread trough,pre-heat for 2.3 minutes for disinfection, please clean the crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster regularly to avoid the accumulation of bread crumbs in the body. Before cooking food, please add 80-90ml of water to the frying pan and put in the food. In the steaming bowl of the steaming pan, when cleaning, you can wipe the shellof the machine with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water to wash.