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IME-DC Blood Glucose Monitor/Meter, mmol/l

Key Features:
  • A Great Value Meter!
  • One of the easiest blood glucose monitors to use - with only one button!
  • “SIP-IN Technology”, making it easier to apply blood to the strip
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Measure time: 10 seconds
Brand IME-DC

IME-DC Blood Glucose Monitor/Meter, mmol/l

Product description

This product is used for people to test and analyse their blood glucose levels on a regular basis. The IME-DC Kit comes with 1 x Blood Glucose Meter, 10 Glucose Testing Strips, 10 Lancets, 1 x Code Chip, 1 x Check Chip, 1 x Lancing device. The IME-DC is easy to use, you simply first have the code the meter using a smart code chip. You have also to check that his code applies the testing strips you are going to use. You then simply insert the testing strip into the IME-DC Blood glucose meter. Then using the lancing device provided prick you finger to draw the blood, the move your finger towards the testing strip and let the strip “Sip- In” the blood. Then wait 10 seconds and your reading should appear. For more information please refer to handbook. Only UK standard mmol/l available.