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Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale White

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  • Huawei AH100 Smart Scale
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Huawei AH100 Smart Swing Stand

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Huawei AH100 Smart Tilting

  1. great
    It\'s great. Having Huawei Watch 2 and this scale you can really track effects of your exercises and healthy diet. The Huawei Health app works very well.
  2. Smart scale and then some!
    Far more than just smart scales! Added this to our growing Huawei family.Simple to use with clear read outs and helpful tips.Simple to set up on iPhone as well.Well worth the money and then some.
  3. Good value and work well
    Modern smart scales that link very easily via Bluetooth to my phone. The Huawei app seems good and was already on my Honor phone. It seems to do a good job at estimating a range of metrics.At £30.60, it is in my view good value.In the same week I bought an Honor Band 4 activity wrist band of ebay for 28 quid that was delivered in same timescale. The two seem to work very well together.Am using to track progress in losing weight and improving my fitness.Only loss of one star as when imperial measure shown, a shame it only shows in lbs and not in stn and lbs., which I am more used to seeing.
    I bought these scales to sync to my Huawei Health app, although they work wonderfully with their own app too. The look beautiful (for bathroom scales!) and are very easy to use; you just as the app to record a new measurement and it Bluetooths to the scales and when you step on it takes your weight, BMI and seven other measures! Goodness only knows how it does it, obviously it\'s magic, but boy is it clever. I would really recommend these scales, I paid £34 for them and for this quality and technical sophistication this seems a steal. I know it might be silly to weigh yourself every day but I so enjoy seeing the tracking graph and all my data that it\'s become a morning ritual!The fact that it was delivered on the promised date and was beautifully packaged was a bonus.If you want a new set of very good looking and super-clever bathroom scales then these may well be the ones for you.
  5. Not accurate results
    Pros: Design, app is very good (usually other scales have bad written, never updated apps) and good compatibility with Huawei devices. I\'ve got a P20 Pro and a Huawei Watch 2. Easy and seamless integration.Cons: As a scale, it lacks the main feature: good accuracy. I\'ve got two scales at home. When measuring body fat, the difference is massive. In my old scale, it says I\'ve got 12.5% BF. If I try with clippers, the results are 12.6%, but with my Huawei scale, it gets 22% like wth? Also, it gives me 2+ kgs more than the other scale.I think it measures the water differently and also the calculated BMR is a bit strange, it gives 500kcal difference from the other scale.
  6. Huawei Health app
    Hi i got myself Huawei Watch GT so to everyone who is wondering is this scale is working with Huawei helth app the answer is YES IT Works if for some reason it was not working in Febuary 2019 i April 2019 is working and it working great. Like someone said in my opinion this one is much better then Fitbit scale. Perhaps its not syncing over wifi but blutooth but at least showing the right weight each time unlike fitbit scale. Buy wih confidance !!
  7. Good smart scale
    Good product from Huawei again.It\'s easy to use and works well with fairly good accuracy.App is the standard Huawei health app so easy to use.It\'s not the smartest unit around but it\'s a good choice imo.Quality is great and no issues or failures so far. Would recommend.
  8. Stable readings compared to others
    I read a comparison article about Huawei, Huawei Honor and Omron scales. Honor is the most close to the hospital measurement one according to the author. Since Honor is a sub brand to Huawei, I believe it’s not that bad to have it as Honor is too expensive on Amazon UK.The first reading for me was OK, almost the same as 3 months ago I took in the hospital. Weight increased, while body fat is slightly lower, muscle mass increased, bone mineral content is exactly the same.You don’t need to install the app to read weight and body fat, but the rest of it you can only see them in the app.Pairing with iPhone couldn’t be easier, just open the app and press pair, then stand on the scale to take 3 readings. Done.