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Home Electric Bread Maker Automatic Smart Fruit Sprinkle Cake Bread Making Machine DIY Multifunctional Dough Mixer Bread Coffee Roaster

Key Features:
  • 22 DIFFERENT PROGRAMS: 600W bread maker has 22 different professional automatic programs for different types of bread, eg Bake rye bread, sourdough bread, yogurt, jam & gluten-free breadBeginner Friendly Programmable Bread Maker
  • 13h timer & 10-minute power failure recovery & 1h keep warm: 13h timing function and 1h keep warm function enable you to preset the desired program up to 10 hours in advance The bread maker can detect power failures of up to 15 minutes and can then continue the program
  • Selectable bread size & crust color: Depending on the recipe, you can choose 2 bread sizes (750g, 1000g) and 3 crust colors (light, medium, dark) according to your taste via the LED display
  • Viewing window: The viewing window allows you to follow the baking process at any time The removable lid of the bread maker and the non-stick coated bread barrel are easy to clean
  • Restore the ancient method of manual kneading: large torsion and strong road, bread taste is very different, high torsion all copper wire brushless AC motor, strong kneading, outstanding strength, dough strength is tough
Brand Brand: XIUNI

Home Electric Bread Maker Automatic Smart Fruit Sprinkle Cake Bread Making Machine DIY Multifunctional Dough Mixer Bread Coffee Roaster

Product description

Product Name: Bread MachineRated power: 580WHeating power: 500WRated voltage: 220VNet weight: 3.9kgSize: 335 * 219 * 304mmPacking list: bread maker, mixing tablet, measuring spoon, water measuring cup, flour measuring cup, hook and fork, glovesMaximum capacity: 1200g and aboveMenu function: Noodle fermentation fermentation automatic sprinkler self programmingBody material: metalMaximum appointment time: 12-16 hoursPower: 501W (inclusive)-600W (inclusive)Function: Power-off memory functionType of stirring blade: single stirring bladeControl method: computerHeating method: electric heating tube heatingStone-like kiln baking cavity design: the heat field is more uniform and the baking color is more outstanding.More uniform temperature: the heating tube is placed on the 0.618 ratio dividing line of the bread barrel, and the baking color is more uniform;More efficient: 500W high-power heating, while retaining nutrients, the speed is greatly improved;More temperature-locking: The structure of the stone kiln's thermal field prevents the heat from being lost, and the bread is crispy and lustrous;Thin bread crust: to solve the problem of excessively thick bread crust;Baking color is more uniform: Avoid local scorching or bread sticking;Tissue is softer: rejection of bread is too firm and chewy.Three baking colors: meet your various tastes. Light color, soft texture on the skin; medium color, sweet texture on the skin; dark color, crispy