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FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet (Large, Blue)

Key Features:
  • Keep insulin and other temperature-sensitive medication cool
  • Maintains a safe temperature of 18-26°C, even in a constant environmental temperatures of 378°C
  • Keeps cool for 45hrs minimum, and with a quick re-soak the wallet can be activated for a further 45hrs minimum
  • In-use Insulin is safe in a FRIO wallet for up to 28 days (as per the life of in-use insulin kept above fridge-temperature)
Brand FRIO

FRIO Insulin Cooling Wallet (Large, Blue)

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FRIO LARGE WALLET: Frio wallets are designed to keep insulin and other medications constantly cool and safe at temperatures of up to 38C for at least 45 hours with no refigeration or ice needed. Tested by the British Medication Devices Evaluation Unit and reccomended by hospitals and clinics throughout the UK. Essential for daily use when away from home for any length of time, for travellers and holidaymakers.

These wallets were initially produced at the request of the International Glaucoma Association and are used by diabetic sufferers around the world. – Keeps insulin medication cool and safe – Simply activate with cold water – Light and compact – Reusable


Soak in cool water for between 2-19 minutes (dependent on size of wallet), leave excess water to drain, towel dry, insert medication and enjoy peace of mind!

Safety Warning

DO NOT CARRY OR STORE IN AN AIRTIGHT OR WATERPROOF CONTAINER WHEN ACTIVATED. FRIO wallets are evaporative coolers that need access to air to work.

Legal Disclaimer

Pens and medication not included

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