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FITPACT Gym Weight Lifting Belt Neoprene Back Workout Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding Back Support

Key Features:
  • 56 inch Wide, our Double belt provides maximum support for heavy lifts Perfect for all training levels, from beginner to advanced lifters and all activities from squats, to deadlisfts
  • Unlike leather belt with a predetermined set of holes, the hook & loop support strap gives the ability to adjust tightness for the desired comfort and support needed for body exercises
  • The Nylon Lightweight Contour Design is the highest professional grade quality weight belt material for your long term training requirements, made up of EVA ,Nylon and Steel buckle
  • A well-made workout belt provides proper lumbar/lower back support so you can reduce the risk of dangerous injuries while doing squats, power cleans, clean and jerks and other lifting exercises
  • IMPORTANT Please do not use your pants size to determine the size of the belt Use a measuring tape to measure completely around your waist

FITPACT Gym Weight Lifting Belt Neoprene Back Workout Fitness Exercise Bodybuilding Back Support

Product description

Whether you’re an aspiring Olympian, junkie or just hitting the gym for the first time, protecting your core and your back is essential to your short or long-term success. That’s why if you’re going to be lifting weights you need a premium weight lifting belt from Fitpact. A heavy duty Double belt complete with sturdy roller buckle and adjustable sizing, our powerlifting belt easily adjusts to your specific size so you can quickly strap it on between sets. Better yet, it gives you the right amount of core and lower back support so you reduce strain, maintain proper form, and increase your total fitness potential. Please see the sizing chart to make sure you choose the correct size

  1. Good quality.
    Comfortable and supportive. A++
  2. I Found an Alternative Use! It Makes a Great Shoulder Support for My Guitar Strap
    When I bought this I was actually looking for a wide Guitar strap, but they only go to about 4 inches and are very expensive, so I was thinking outside the box when I came up with this. To be honest I don't know how it would have connected as a weight belt as there was no way of attaching the ends of the belt together. anyway I only wanted the wide bit and I threaded my narrow guitar strap through the loops and hey presto I have the amazing support I have been searching for. 5 Stars
  3. Great
    For weightlifting its just the job
  4. Thank you for comfortable product
    Amazing Quality,confortable and fit for purpose thank you