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Fitness-Mad Spikey Massage Ball

Key Features:
  • Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, increase blood circulation and remove toxins
  • Hardness's: light Blue/ Soft Green/ Medium Grey/ hard
  • Dimensions: 65cm diameter
  • Warning: This product is not suitable for use by people with back injuries or those who suffer from lower back pain, unless recommended by a medical professional
  • Material: PVC
Brand Fitness Mad

Fitness-Mad Spikey Massage Ball

Product description

Fitness-mad set of 3 Spikey massage trigger balls are perfect for self-massage. Use to help release muscle tension which can also help to release toxins and improve circulation. Lightweight and easy to carry you can take them with you for use before or after your workout. This set of 3 balls offers you the choice of 3 different hardnesses meaning if using for rehab purposes you can use progressively, or use different hardnesses for different areas of the body. How to use: select an appropriate hardness and simply roll the ball around the area which needs to be massaged: for the lower back or glutes, start in a sitting position and position the ball between your back and a chair or against a wall for calves sand thighs try sitting or lying on the floor with the ball between you and the floor, then gently roll around on the ball for the shoulders or upper back, place between your back/shoulders and a wall whilst standing, and again, roll the b

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Our Spikey massage balls are designed to release tight uncomfortable muscles for a deep tissue massage that will help to flush toxins and improve circulation. Available in two sizes, 7cm and 9cm. Best used in pairs (sold individually) – use the large ball for larger muscle groups and the smaller to release tight specific areas. Apply pressure to the area affected and increase as required. Prefect for use all over the body musculature. Easy to clean and small enough to fit in your bag to use when you need it most.

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    I bought these on recommendation of my pilates instructor and knew they were same brand as those sold by a well-known department store. It is important to read articles online to get balls of correct hardness and size. This pack gave a choice of hardness. Not used much yet, but quality seems satisfactory and they appear fit for purpose.
  2. Massage Ball
    Quick delivery, well packaged and easy to use ! I have used solely for the massage of the base of both feet ( separately !) under the guidance of a Pilates teacher. Felt it did some good but there was various types of ball available and by chance this one was the one for me. Suggest one takes adviser guidance on which type is the best for an individual.
  3. Handy massage ball for back pain relief
    These little spiky balls are so handy for suffers of back tension and pain. Easy and light to carry around with you, they are the perfect handy massage without having to ask for the umpteenth time for someone to get knots out of your shoulders etc. Keep one in your bag, car, desk etc and with a little practice you can get the ball between a chair or bed and the bit of your back that is causing trouble. As always use with caution and if it is a new or unexpected injury seek medical advice first.
  4. good product
    loads better than a regular tennis ball i was told to get one of these cause i can sit on it when my glutes and pelvis are aching i get trapped nerves and stuff like that but this is fine and dandy really does the trick also works for sciatica
  5. Very hard, but okay for the purpose.
    I needed to replace my Pilates spiky balls (my dog found the originals irresistible) and these looked good. They are okay, much harder than my original Pilates ones but at least that discourages the dog from sneaking them away. Would I buy them again? Probably not; I just prefer my original ones.
  6. SUPERB for massaging your plantar fascia and for sore feet after running.
    This is an amazing little item. I run a lot and use foam rollers to massage lots of different muscles but this spikey massage ball is the best thing for sort feet (especially massaging your plantar fascia). A few minutes on each foot with this works wonders and it seems to hit the spots that you can\'t get to even with a \"toblerone\" style roller (although I still use both of them).This also works quite well on stiff calves but if you want to put more weight on it, to massage hamstrings, glutes or hips, I would recommend going for either a bigger spikey ball (there are larger sizes in the same brand) or a lacrosse ball (for hips and glutes the lacrosse ball is superb; this is the one I use http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00P9J2TB0?ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_3).This really has worked miracles on my feet and is now a regular part of my post-run stretching and \"pre-hab\" work.
  7. A bit too soft to be effective
    Other reviews mention that this massage ball had too much \"give\" in it and I totally agree. This is an air-filled hollow rubber ball so it can be squished slightly and this means it\'s not great for applying a lot of pressure.I found it was quite difficult to use, too: when trying to roll it around it would press into my palm more than it pressed into the muscle being massaged.This could be good if you specifically want something gentle but if you want a really firm massage, try a different one.
  8. Strangely pleasant despite being painful
    I bought this because of plantar fasciitis (wore flip flops too much this summer and my arches suffered).Used regularly this ball has done the trick and I love it. Also use it for rolling/massaging sore shoulder blades and mid back.
  9. Too Soft and not quite the same as the one in the picture - I was looking specifically for a hard massage ball
    I am disappointed, as I went out specifically to find a hard plastic spiky massage ball, to match another I have at home. I get terrible knots in my neck and tension headaches and a hard spiky ball works wonders in alleviating this. So I examined the picture and description carefully and these make it appear to be exactly what I was looking for. However, the one that arrived, while purple in colour and the correct size, is quite soft. It \'gives\' easily when squeezed, and I think is rubber rather than plastic. Its \'spikes\' are more rounded than the ones that appear in the photograph, and I believe it is not the same model as the one that is photographed.