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Fitness Mad Mini Sports Massage Roller

Key Features:
  • Myofacial Release of the muscles is key to better performance
  • The Mini-Massage Roller: - Relieves tight muscles
  • Manmade
  • Roller
  • - Targets fascia management
  • - Used before and after exercise
  • - Is portable and easy to use
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Brand Fitness Mad

Fitness Mad Mini Sports Massage Roller

Product description

Relieves tight muscles and targets fascia management. Portable and easy to use. Perfect for before and after exercise. ABS tube with EVA foam padding.

  1. Five Stars
    Perfect size to take for travelling, bought these for hiking trips.
  2. too small
    They are just too small.
  3. great for massaging sore legs
    great for massaging sore legs
  4. Sports massage roller ideal for travel/holidays.
    A sports massage roller that is small, lightweight and ideal for travel, tucks away in your luggage.. I found using this product on holiday helped me overcome an IT band problem and continue my running routine. The ridged surface area provides a deeper more intense massage than the larger smooth massage rollers, so your massage routine will necessarily be shorter before becoming too painful!
  5. Great for travel and more
    Obviously great for travel which is what I purchased for in first place. But in fact these small foam rollers have an additional benefit compared to my full size one - the small ones allow massage of smaller muscle groups e.g. around the ankles which a full size roller cannot do. So these small rollers are great if you suffer achilles soreness etc as they definitely helped me with that. So as well as being good for travel they are a good supplement to your full size roller. I bought two - one for each leg! This is worth doing as the hollow centre allows you to improvise a a makeshift connection between the two to hold them together to make a full width roller. Also they come in a very handy screw top plastic case to protect them in transit. Great product - should be in the kit list for all travelling athletes and even those who don't travel will find these small size rollers useful for accessing smaller muscle groups. 5 out of 5
  6. Great portable little roller
    This roller fits easily in my bag and gives a far better massage of muscles than smooth rollers. A larger version would also be appreciated, though.
  7. Great to take when travelling!
    I wanted to take a foam roller on my snowboard holiday but didn't want to take my regular sized ones as they take up too much space. So decided to go for this mini roller. Good thing is that it is very strong so you can put all your weight on it (well at least all my weight - ~73kg), it's compact so great for travelling and generally it does the job. One negative is that it's pretty spikey. whilst spikey ones are good at times generally I prefer the flatter ones for all round use. Nevertheless, it did the job and I'm happy I bought it. Definitely recommended use to the compactness and the price.
  8. Reaches all parts that are problematic
    After an Achilles problem which wasn’t improving with the usual foam rolling I was advised to try this small roller which seems to be doing the trick! It gets into places that the smooth foam doesn’t. I’ve been using it for a month now an have been able to get back to my usual intensity of training with little long term after effects as long as I use this little device regularly! It whorls for knots in virtually any part of the body - shoulder, plantar fasciitis - anywhere! best little roller I’ve ever bought!