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PANENDIANO Resistance Bands Loop Exercise Band Fitnessband for Legs and Butt Hip Yoga Sports Stretch Anti Slip Elastic Physical Therapy Mini Training Equipment Squats Deadlifts

Key Features:
  • 【Perfect Body】Resistance bands for legs and buttocks can help you solve the problem of body shape, exercise bands increase the hips and modify the legs, shape a beautiful figure and effectively relieve pressure and fatigue
  • 【Improve Your Workout】Resistance bands help you build, muscle building and muscle building for legs, thighs and buttocks The function of the muscles of the glutes includes stretching, abduction, lateral rotation and medial rotation of the hip joint It also helps to support and kidnap the knee
  • 【Not easy to break】 Are you tired of others constantly rolling up or not staying in place? Our durable and non-slip training band is made from high quality cotton polyester stretch material A strong and tight sewing method makes it much safer than a rubber waist band This not only improves elasticity, but also ensures that the prey does not roll up
  • 【Suitable for many exercises】The resistance belt is divided into 3 different resistance levels: light, medium and heavy Don't worry about the loop exercise bands being too stretchy or too hard Use exercise bands for stretching legs, warming, yoga, weight lifting, squatting, pilates, beach body workout etc
  • 【Portable Design】 With a storage bag for easy carrying when traveling, home, gym, office, hotel and beach etc With resistance bands you can work out muscles anywhere - the best choice for sports and fitness

Fitness bands resistance bands strength training resistance band set non-slip elastic physiotherapy mini training equipment gymnastic band for muscle building crossfit yoga squats deadlifts.

Product description

Build your perfect body shape!

Simple and powerful to get the perfect hip shape!

The workout fabric resistance bands with non-slip elastic design usually better prevent the bands rolling during training. So you can concentrate on your workout without getting in the way.

Bump bands can be used for a comprehensive full body workout to challenge all the important muscle groups of your body.

They are suitable for P90x, yoga, pilates, leg tightening, glute bridges, squats, leg press, hip shocks, weight lifting, force traffic, lunging steps, squats, side squats, hip reduction and firming, inner and outer thigh contractions, back strokes and body exercises on the beach, they are ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

Suitable for all fitness levels

With the workout bands you can train anywhere, anytime, e.g. For example, at the office, at school, on business trips, on holiday, at the hotel or in the gym.

Exercise bands perfect for exercises:


– Fitness / Gym Workouts

Body shaping weight loss.


Home training.

Multiple fitness levels: resistance bands are available in 3 resistance levels, lightweight, medium and heavy. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced, bootie bands are easy to use and can be adjusted for strength and skills.

SPACE SAVING: Cotton resistance bands are lightweight and take almost no space, which is great for storage and travel. You can hang it on a hook or roll it up after training to store it in a box or drawer.

  1. Thick resistance bands
    The different levels of resistance bands. They are really thick and I can't even use the hardest band yet. I could definitely feel the benefit of the exercises the next day. The bands come with as little pouch.
  2. looks like good quality product
    Three resistance high, medium and light, good quality
  3. Love them
    I'm extremely happy with these fitness bands, very helpful for home exercises.Highly recommend!!!
  4. Great!
    Work as great as expected.The light has quite a bit of stretch, medium little stretch perfect for squats and heavy no stretch.Band colours make it easier to know which one to use and comes in a handy pouch to store away.I’ve mainly used the medium and can tell they are good quality.