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FitKit Resistance Band – 1.5M – Pilates – Strength Training – Stretch Bands – Yoga – Choose Resistance – ONE BAND

Key Features:
  • RESISTANCE BANDS are incredibly simple, but they're also extremely effective at working your muscles Additionally, resistance-band training can help you boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion and more Each sale is ONE band
  • RECOMMENDED by physiotherapists to help in rehabilitation, improve range of movement and improve co-ordination, these exercise bands are excellent for yoga and resistance training
  • DURABLE & RESILIENT - Durable latex material guarantees a great elastic response and high resilience, so they won't break or wear out easily, and will maintain the tension needed to get the most from your exercises
  • MULTIFUNCTION - Excellent for strength training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, Pilates, and stretching Add them to any strength routine to challenge your muscles, or use to assist in stretching for increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Choose from 4 RESISTANCE LEVELS - Blue = Light, Yellow = Medium (This Listing), Red = Heavy, Black = X-Heavy Easily adapt resistance levels during your workout for various muscles, depending on their strength and flexibility
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Brand FitKit

FitKit Resistance Exercise Band – 1.5M / 2M – Pilates Strength Conditioning Yoga Insanity P90X – 1 BAND

Product description

Each sale is ONE band. Choose from four different resistance levels – Light, Medium, Heavy or X-Heavy for strengthening and exercising of all body parts.

Resistance Bands are great for specific training such as endurance, stretching and rehabilitation exercises.

Light weight and super stretchy these exercise bands are an excellent choice for exercise, rehabilitation, conditioning and stretching

Choose either 1.2M, 1.5M or 2M Lengths.

Blue Band 4.5-6.8kg resistance for light, dynamic movements and stretching – Width = 15cm & Thickness = 0.35mm

Yellow Band is 8-12.7 kg resistance for medium strength exercises and static leg stretches – Width = 15cm & Thickness = 0.50mm

Red Band is 12.7-16.3kg resistance for stronger lower and upper body exercises – Width = 15cm & Thickness = 0.65mm

Black Band is 16.3-20.4kg resistance experienced users – Width = 15cm & Thickness = 0.75mm

Both for men and women. The elongation of 3-8 times.

Resistance Bands are safer and more effective than free weights because free weights only supply a downward force whereas resistance bands generate a force in an infinite variety of angles that strengthens and tones safer and more effectively

Resistance bands provide variable isotonic exercises, the resistance gradually changes throughout the range of motion.

With bands the tension increases the more you stretch them, this is much more effective than traditional weights.

Many Resistance band exercises are geared towards functional training using complex movements of several muscle groups, instead of isolating one muscle at a time.

Unlike free weights, resistance bands do not create momentum which is the cause of many injuries when the weight keeps moving but the ligaments and tendons do not.

  1. one band, but arrived quickly and fine
    It was confusing ordering this as there had been a fault online and I thought I had bought a pack of 3. However, I only had bought one I found out when it arrived and on checking Amazon. it arrived with a good leaflet, packaged well and it looked a good quality. My physio recommended getting one and the yellow one is the middle strength. It was convenient to get it quickly through the post but probably better to go in a shop or buy 3 together as I'll need to build up to more resistance and one band won't be enough in the future.
  2. Five Stars
    Excellent. Swift arrival. Good product. I have now ordered the lighter one as well
  3. Great quality, speedy delivery, would recommend.
    Bought 2M resistance bands in the Medium and Heavy resistances. I already own a set of resistance loops from FitKit and was very happy with the quality, so was specifically looking for FitKit resistance bands this time; these have lived up to expectations. They're good quality and are great for Pilates and physiotherapy exercise. They come supplied with a leaflet of suggested exercises which I might try out too. I also like that you can buy individual strength bands rather than having to buy all three - I doubt I'd really use the Light one for the exercises I'm doing.
  4. Five Stars
    Excellent quality and excellent price. Will last the long haul. Very happy customer. Highly recommend.
  5. It could have been good and it is
    I have received a message saying if the band is not here by 14th I can claim my money back. Does not fill me with hope.Well what do you know arrived later that morning after my first review. Seems ok and stronger than a different one I ordered for a friend. Looking forward to using it in my online classes.
  6. Now happily hobbling!
    I was crippled following brain surgery now I can walk thanks to these (and a little physio therapy)
  7. Cheap rubbish..would not recommend..
    Dissapointed with product as it claims to be light resistance and it is definitely NOT light resistance...its more moderate resistance then anything...might have fooled me if i hadnt owned a colour coded set of resistance bands already (different brand)..also may well be a fake as the info leaflet/instructions contained in package showed a completely different set of resistance bands with different colours and corresponding levels of resistance...not what i was supplied with...be weary of buying these bands...seem like a cheap fake not useful for much...will be going straight in the bin as the seller doesnt accept returns for this item...
  8. Perfect weight replacement
    I suffer with arthritis and years in the gym have made it worse so I no longer lift weights but with the strong band I'm able to keep in shape. I've been using these bands for over six months and am pleased to report that while I don't have the bulk, I've still got bicep definition. There are a few exercises you can do with the band and they last a while but can degrade with sweat. Can be used for yoga and Pilates and are long enough for a 6" person.