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Finlux 55-FUD-8020 55-inch UHD DLED UNB

Key Features:
  • Immerse yourself in an incredible viewing experience with the top-of-the-range, Finlux 4K HDR TV packed with features, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix 4K, Freeview Play and DTS TruSurround sound
  • Dolby vision capable: For scene-by-scene picture accuracy, Dolby Vision HDR transfers cutting-edge motion picture technology from movie theatres to the TV screen
  • Talk to Alexa via an Amazon Echo or Echo dot and control your TV with nothing but the sound of your voice
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled: This device will automatically reorder batteries when running low, register on the Dash Replenishment app in your TV to avail this service
  • Product Dimensions Width x Depth x Height (millimeter - With Stand) : 1238 x 270 x 778
Brand Brand: Finlux

Finlux 55-FUD-8020 55-inch UHD DLED UNB

Product description Size Name:55-Inch Product Description

Finlux 55-Inch Smart 4K Ultra-HD HDR LED TV with Freeview Play, Amazon Prime Video and Works With Alexa – (2019 Model)Immerse yourself in an incredible viewing experience with the top-of-the-range, Finlux 4K HDR TV packed with amazing features, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix 4K, Freeview Play and DTS TruSurround sound."Dolby Vision capable" – for scene-by-scene picture accuracy, Dolby Vision HDR transfers cutting-edge motion picture technology from movie theatres to the TV screen.Talk to Alexa via an Amazon Echo or Echo dot and control your TV with nothing but the sound of your voiceAmazon Dash Replenishment enabled: This device will automatically reorder batteries when running low. Register on the Dash Replenishment app in your TV to avail this service.

Box Contains

TV, Remote (with Batteries), Stand, Quick Start Guide

From the manufacturer


Connectivity Technology
hdmi; Ethernet; vga; USB
Display Resolution Max
1080 pixels
Display Size
55 in
Display Technology
Image Aspect Ratio
Model Year
Special Feature
Amazon Dash Replenishment (Automatic Re-ordering); Works with Alexa
Tuner Technology
  1. Smashing TV
    What a TV...And for the price too. It has enough ports to connect pretty much any device you\'d like, and the picture quality is fantastic. The sound has nice bass if set up that way, you can also hear vocal tones clearly unlike many speakers on TV\'s.The UI is sleek and fast too, navigating isn\'t an issue at all with sources, and such. It\'s also not annoying to setup from the start, which is unlike a lot of TV\'s nowadays.The support of the stand (legs) of the TV probably would have been better as one whole stand, but the 2 legs suffice and it\'s stable as-is.This TV is not only a bargain at full price, but a steal when it\'s on sale! Get it now!
  2. Very good for the money
    Bought this as a bedroom television and we are very happy with it. The picture and sound quality are good. I see that another review complained about wall mounting problems but ours was fine and fitted easily. Wifi connnected to our router first try and has a strong signal. Freeview Play is a very easy system to access catch up programmes and the Amazon video app works well. We are very satisfied with the TV and think that the price was very good.
  3. Decent budget 4K smartTV
    The build quality of the 43\" FINLUX 43-FUD-8020 is reasonable for a budget TV, and is robust. It is not as expensive-looking as my previous 40\" LG 40UF770V 2015 model and is a bit deeper, but the 43-FUD-8020 does not look bad or cheap at all in my sitting room. Although the volume of the built-in speakers is reasonable in this room I have connected (optically) a 60W soundbar that I originally bought to use with my previous 40\" LG TV that did lack sufficient audio power.The image of non-HD TV channels is not quite as sharp as my previous 40\" LG TV, but is reasonable. I assume the 43-FUD-8020 does not upscale lower-resolution video as well as the LG TV. HD TV channels on the 43-FUD-8020 look good, and 4K video looks very good. Before disposing of my previous LG TV, I put it and the FINLUX TV side by side and watched various YouTube 4K demo videos in sync in order to compare their 4K picture, and the 43-FUD-8020 looked just as sharp as the more expensive LG TV to me. There was a small difference in the default colours of the two TV sets, but I was able to adjust that easily via the TV\'s settings menus.The FINLUX remote is easy enough to use, with the usual control buttons plus dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Freeview Play. The remote looks a bit \'plasticky\' but is actually fine and feels robust. Two AAA batteries for the remote were supplied in the box. The remote is not an air mouse, though, and I find trying to use the TV\'s Web browser with the supplied remote very awkward. To use the TV\'s Web browser an air mouse or external keyboard/touchpad is needed in my opinion.The TV only has one USB port, and that is insufficient in my opinion. To record programmes and to view videos and photos stored on an external HDD, you need one USB port. If you also want to connect a wireless dongle for an external air mouse/keyboard you need another USB port. I therefore had to buy a powered external USB hub. Note that it has to be a powered USB hub because the TV\'s single USB socket can only handle devices drawing up to 500mA.When viewing photos on an external HDD connected to the USB port on the TV, my previous LG TV would automatically increase the size of photos intelligently so that they fit the full screen, whereas the 43-FUD-8020 does not. This is a pity if your photos and videos are only HD or less.Initially the iPlayer, ITV Hub and All-4 apps periodically lost the username and password, and I had to re-enter them via a smartphone or PC, along with an ID displayed by the TV. This is a nuisance. The TV should at least save these until it is physically unplugged from the mains wall socket. At the moment this problem no longer happens, though, so I hope it was some sort of initial glitch with the TV\'s software.The TV occasionally restarts or fails to start (the power LED remains blinking) when I switch it on using the remote, although this is not a common occurrence. It has also restarted once or twice when I use the remote while the TV is on, although, again, this has been infrequent.The Web browser user interface is very poor in my opinion, and FINLUX needs to improve it. For example, trying to add or edit a \'Speed Dial\' entry is tedious and difficult using the remote. Moving the on-screen cursor using the remote is slow. Furthermore, I use a different search engine to the default Google because the cursor of the Google search box is actually above the displayed search box. I had to use a wireless keyboard with in-built touchpad to make it viable. Some years ago I bought a Rii i8 2.4GHz RF Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touch Pad Mouse from Amazon, and that works nicely with this TV. Given the TV\'s single USB port, it was only possible to use it after I had plugged in a powered USB hub to enable an external USB HDD and the keyboard\'s wireless dongle to be connected to the TV simultaneously. Another problem with the Web browser is that it is very slow to load many Web sites. I do not know if that is a deficiency of the Web browser, the TV\'s network hardware or something else in the TV. I should point out that the Web browser in my previous LG TV did not suffer from the same problem on the same home network.The TV is connected to my home router via an Ethernet cable. I also tried the TV\'s Wi-Fi connection and that works fine too, although it does not support the 802.11ac standard. The TV occasionally indicates there is no Internet connection when there actually is (all other devices in the room can access the Internet). I sometimes have to switch the TV off and on in order to re-establish its connection to the Internet. This glitch seems to have stopped happening recently, so I am not concerned.The FINLUX Smart Center Android app is fiddly to use. The app\'s user interface for the TV\'s Web browser does not work properly: You have to double-tap to enter a character using the app\'s on-screen keyboard, but it then repeats the character if you move the pointer to another character on the phone and tap it. Furthermore, contact between the Smart Center and the TV often breaks and it is no longer possible to use the app.The Owner\'s Manual is printed on low-quality paper, with sheets smaller than A5. Furthermore, two pages are printed on each side of each sheet in the manual, and you almost need a magnifying glass to be able to read the manual. At the time of writing this review there is no PDF file for the 43-FUD-8020 on the FINLUX UK Web site, only for the older 43-FUB-8022 model. I e-mailed FINLUX and received a PDF file for the 43-FUD-8020 model, so FINLUX needs to make it available on the Web site. I used an app on my PC to split each sheet in two to extract the individual pages, and another PC app to blow up the individual pages to A4 size so that I could print them on A4 paper to read the manual easily.Mirroring the screen and audio of Android phones purchased in the last couple of years on the TV works very well.Connecting a laptop to the TV via HDMI cable also works well. There is also a VGA socket and YPbPr audio sockets to connect a PC/laptop, but I have not tried those as my laptop has an HDMI port and HDMI works fine.The TV set supports Amazon Alexa voice control, but I am not interested in buying an Alexa device and so I have not tested that feature.Overall I find the 43-FUD-8020 model a reasonable budget 4K UHD TV. When I first installed the TV it automatically downloaded a software update dated January 2019, and I hope FINLUX will continue to issue updates to improve the software. Once you get used to the TV\'s on-screen user interface, it is reasonably intuitive and not particularly complicated. The lack of an air mouse can be remedied by adding a USB dongle with third-party air mouse or wireless keyboard/touchpad. The TV\'s Web browser needs improving; its user interface is poor, its performance is poor and it is buggy. The FINLUX Smart Center Android app is also poor and apparently buggy too. But, overall, I am satisfied with the 43-FUD-8020 TV so far, although I do miss the webOS user interface and air mouse of my previous 2015 LG TV which cost over a hundred pounds more than the FINLUX TV and developed an intermittent display fault three years after I bought it.
  4. A decent entry-level 4K Smart TV produced by Turkish TV manufacturer Vestel
    Back in the days of CRT televisions Finlux was a well-respected manufacturer of decent-quality TVs and was based in Finland. However, with the introduction of flat-panel TVs the company went through some ownership changes and is now just a brand name used by Vestel, the major Turkish TV maker. This Finlux 43-FUD-8020 model TV is at the budget end of the market but still manages to pack in a lot of features for the price. At 43 inches it is one of the smaller sizes of 4K Ultra-HD TVs – there\'s not really much picture quality to be gained over 1080p Full HD with any smaller screen sizes, although Panasonic do make a 40 inch 4K model. The 43-FUD-8020 is one of Finlux\'s 2019 models and as well as being a digital TV with Freeview Play it is also a Smart TV giving your access to online paid services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, plus a number of free services like iPlayer and ITV hub. For the price the build-quality is OK – but you\'re not going to get a Sony or a Samsung – however, it does compare well against a 43 inch budget LG 4K TV I\'ve had for a while (2018 model). Picture quality is surprisingly good with this Finlux, and this model features HDR video (High Dynamic Range) which film-lovers will appreciate; sound quality is OK for a flat-panel TV but will sound much better through a sound-bar or audio system if you have one. If you are thinking of a first Ultra-HD TV and are on a budget then this Finlux model is well worth considering – also perfect as a second set in the bedroom or the dining-room. Currently under three hundred pounds from Amazon the Finlux 43-FUD-8020 offers a lot of TV features for the price – if you are not looking for a major brand name then you could do much worse than starting here.
  5. Smart TV at a Smart Price 😁
    Great picture quality and sound, easy to install and connect, value for money for the smart TV features and apps.
  6. The ideal Smart TV for those on a budget
    Living in a flat, a 32 inch TV is plenty big enough for us, and I needed a TV with decent picture for Blu-ray movies. This has far exceeded my expectations for a TV at this price. I would have been happy were it just the TV, but the addition of effective apps for Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube and more has been a terrific bonus. Overall the unit is every bit as good as big-label TVs for twice the price or more. As with a lot of flat TVs, the sound isn\'t exceptional but is perfectly good for most shows. Plugging in a £30 PC speaker set for watching films has remedied this, but unless it\'s something you are particularly picky about, the integrated speakers will be fine. If you\'re looking for a good quality TV for a smaller living room, bedroom, or study, you can\'t do much better.
  7. Love my Finlux TV
    Great value for the money. All I wanted was a affordable 4K TV that looked good, sounded good, and had all the apps (mainly Amazon Prime TV and Netflix). So this TV was idealI use this as a bedroom TV which also has my Xbox plugged in and so far it has been great, no complaints