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EXPED Downmat Lite 5M

Key Features:
  • Product type: Lightweight breathable down air mattress
  • Suitable for: Mountaineering and Trekking, Camping
  • Material: 75D Polyester
  • Product category: Mattresses - Gender: Unisex
Brand Exped

EXPED Downmat Lite 5M

Product description

Exped DownMat Lite 5 LW (Size 197 x 65 x 5cm)Product Description:Light in weight and price: the DownMat Lite offers great performance at an affordable price. Filled with down insulation comfortable to lie on and compact to stow.Features:includes MiniPump for quick 2 minute inflation.Insulation and comfort with 650 fill power duck down tested according to IDFB standards.comfortable dual purpose flat-valve with one-way flat for inflation and deflation.cradle design: raised perimeter baffles prevent sliding off the mat.100 Percent quality control: every single mat goes through multiple tests.Specifications:Size 197 x 65x 5 cmWeight 830 g incl. Minipump (45 g)Packsack 17 gPacked 31 x 14 cmTemperature -12 CR value 4.1Filling 115 g 650 qinch duck down.

  1. Exped Downmat Lite 5
    Very good mat, once you work out how much air to put in.No chills from the floor of the tent and very comfortable.Packs up easily and takes up hardly any space.
  2. Excellent - comfortable , warm and lightweight.
    Used for the inca trail - excellent packing and size and really comfortable and warm - excellent - all that plus light weight!!
  3. Excellent mat, great value too
    Excellent mat, so comfortable. It took just 2 minutes to leisurely inflate with the hand pump. Pack size and weight are excellent too. Great value compared with more expensive mats
  4. good communication with the seller though
    Took ages to arrive but apparently some problems with the courier this time, good communication with the seller though. I've never used a mat before so took a while to blow up but once done comfortable to lie on and well off the ground which is what I wanted it for when camping. Good.
  5. Works brilliantly for me
    Used last night at 4C. You could feel the warmth radiating back from it. Allowed me to use a lighter sleeping bag and just sleep in boxers and t-shirt at a well regulated temperature. I'm a side sleeper and it kept my somewhat bony hips off the ground. Fantastic.
  6. Lasted longer than the Thermarests I'd used before.
    Great product. Mine lasted for three long trips of five to six months of daily use . It eventually failed towards the end of the third trip. Even then it may have had something to use with the vigorous use it was receiving ( I travel with my partner ). Be warned its messy if they burst. The inside of our tent looked like we'd been plucking chickens !
  7. The heart of my pack
    Update: I've sent a message to the Sellar quite a few days ago and haven't yet received a reply. I'll update this when I do. It deflates in about half an hour, making it useless. I've tried long and hard fixing it but no use. I could get a reply from the Sellar with suggestions, informing me whether I'm still under the guarantee (I thought its lifetime but could be wrong), could say anything out of courtesy. Please reply hahaI've used this for about a year now and absolutely love it!!! Camping makes me happiest, I've only just started ground sleeping in the bivvy which I haven't done since I was a lad. Comfy both in a bivvy/tent or in a hammock because the ridges curve round the body and align so it isn't offset. At one point I slept with no mat thinking it's for comfort but it's actually about comfort. I used to settle for the aldi self inflating but although great and effortless, it's way too bulky. the EXPED downmat is very lightweight and comfortable, very warm and extremely easy to in/deflate. Great design and easy to pack with. The bag has no signs of wear, even with my regular excursions, and the supplied pump is very easy too unless one is too cold or whatever, so I'd suggest the dry bags which double as pumps but mine (biggest of two) is far too big. Laughable, not complaining or criticising. Comes with puncture repair but I've not needed them yet. I suggest sleeping on a tarp for longer life, even with the bivvy.
  8. Absolutely love it.
    I decided to upgrade from my old thermarest trail lite after many years of good use. It was between the downmat 5 lite, the synmat 7, synmat 7 UL and the thermarest neoair xlite. I went down to an outdoors shop to try them out to decide which was right for me:- Right away I ruled out the neoair xlite. Yes it is very light and packs away small, but it is very narrow, and it does sound like you're lying on a crisp packet. Plus it seems really thin and that would worry me.- The synmat 7 and UL version were insanely comfortable (as is the UL 9), but the non UL version packed away too big for my liking and weighed too much, and whilst the UL 7 does pack down really small, you need to buy a separate pump which costs extra, and it's R rating is slightly lower than the others.So finally I decided on the Downmat Lite 5. It isn't as comfortable as the 7 or 9 depth mats, but is still very nice, definitely an upgrade from my old thermarest. It packs down to a similar size as the UL 7, is light, takes roughly 1 min to inflate with the included pump (I timed it just to see) and the moment you lie on it you can feel the warmth radiating back. Deflation isn't super quick, but it only takes a few minutes and isn't much of an issue for me.I think it's great and am converted.