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Eazy How To Bodyweight Exercise Workout Poster BIG 51 x 73cm Train Endurance, Tone, Build Strength & Muscle Home Gym Chart

Key Features:
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  • EASY TO SEE EASY TO FOLLOW: BIG Sharp & Colourful Poster With 35 Clear & Easy To Follow Bodyweight Exercises From Start To Finish
  • COMPREHENSIVE FULL BODY WORKOUT: Bodyweight Exercises Split Into Upper And Lower Body Muscle Groups
  • PROVEN: Gym Trainer Made Bodyweight Exercise Poster Proven To Improve Your Fitness Within A Few Weeks
  • FOR EVERYONE: Bodyweight Fitness Poster Program Includes Endurance, Toning & Strength And Perfect For All Fitness Types & Levels Get Started Today & Get Fit!
Brand Eazy How To

Eazy How To Bodyweight Exercise Workout Poster BIG 51 x 73cm Train Endurance, Tone, Build Strength & Muscle Home Gym Chart

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Don't let yourself have any more excuses from getting healthy.This bodyweight workout poster provides 35 comprehensive compound exercises specially selected by certified gym trainers to help you reach your goals faster!This exercise poster is simple to use. Forget about memorizing bodyweight exercises, just follow these straight forward pictures and work towards your goal.

Poster Specifications

  • Material: Certified Artist Grade Heavy Poster Paper 170g/m² With Plastic Film Coat Finishing for Sharp Colour Retention
  • Measurements: Length 73cm (28.7 inch); Width 51cm (20 inch)
  • Unrivaled Printing Technology: We use leading printing technology to print our posters that makes the colours more vivid and images more sharp than other competitors.
  • UV-resistant ink colors:We use a special film coating to all our posters to ensure non-fading vibrant, saturated colors.
  • Solvent-free Ink: Odorless and no harmful chemical used. Safe for home use.
  • Brand Quality: Production from one of the world's leading printing manufacturers with over 30 years of expertise!


Start with choosing 2-3 bodyweight exercises from each muscle category.Alternate between these bodyweight exercises for optimal muscle growthRest 1 day if your muscles are sore after your bodyweight workoutIncrease the repetitions when it gets easy


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