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Drohneks Toaster, Home Mini Automatic Breakfast Machine Toaster

Key Features:
  • ?As long as you have any questions about the product, our professional team is happy to help you
  • Material: brushed stainless steel
  • 360° three-dimensional baking, up to 15 hours appointment, direct appointment time before going to bed, freshly baked bread in the morning, 60 minutes insulation, 15 minutes power failure memory
  • Concealed automatic fruiting box, fruit/yeast is automatically dispensed into the dough, no need for labor, large-capacity fruit box to satisfy multiple tastes
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Brand Drohneks

Drohneks Toaster, Home Mini Automatic Breakfast Machine Toaster

Product description

The bread machine is easy to clean and maintain, so a perfect bread machine allows you to enjoy freshly baked bread when you wake up in the morning, don't hesitate to take it home!All stainless steel brushed body, silent operation, safe double insurance design, power-off memory function, easy to master bread production, meet the needs of the whole familyThis product contains instructions for use, so that you can easily masterProduct Name: Bread machineQuantity: 1Voltage: 110-240VMaterial: brushed stainless steelLiner material: aluminum alloy plateAppointment time: 15 hoursControl panel: waterproof and anti-wear filmHeating method: heating tube heatingType of mixing blade: single mixing bladeFunction: power-off memory, heat preservation, and surfaceMenu features: dough, ferment, baking, jam, yogurt, breadI wish you a happy shopping and hope that you and your family will be happy every day and look forward to your next visit.Comments and feedback1.Our goal is to meet 100% excellent five-star customers! We always provide quality service to our customers, and your feedback and review are very important to us.2.If you have any questions about our regular Door sticker please feel free to contact us by email. our after-sales service team will respond within 24 hours and ensure you are correct. our customer support is unparalleled.Your support is our highest glory.nn