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Cookworks Breadmaker Kneading Blade XBM1129S (B1)

Key Features:
  • Cookworks Breadmaker Kneading Blade
  • Fits Model: XBM1129S
£7.99 £11.99
Brand Cookworks

Cookworks Breadmaker Kneading Blade XBM1129S (B1)


Item Weight
20.00 grams
  1. Does the business
    fits perfectly does the business, slips out of the loaf on extraction nine out of te,n times leaving the blade behind
  2. Spindle or shaft circlip for the paddle
    I have the Cookworks signature Breadmaker and use it regularly however the spindle circlip for the paddle has broken. Can I buy a replacement?
  3. Cookworks kneading blade
    Arrived in the post 2 days after ordering. I thought I was going to have to throw the breadmaker away & its nearly new. Not an expensive breadmaker but fit for purpose. The replacement was an exact fit & I am back making our own bread. The original one I had still hasn't turned up!
  4. Five Stars
    Great service and arrived as promised so it's bread making time again after throwing my last paddle away!
  5. kneading blade
    this wasn't the right one for my bread maker, so had to buy a new bread maker. there was nothing wrong with the sale though
  6. useless
    Did not fit the breadmaker I had from you although I supplied details of the model I had.. Quite useless to me therefore
  7. good product
    Does what it is supposed to do, every time..
    Prompt delivery, part was exactly as required, though the breadmaker is not consistently reliable for some reason, sometimes producing awful results, and sometimes brilliant bread.