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Cello C16230F 16 inch HD ready DVD combi LED 12v TV black 12 240 volt

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Brand Cello

Cello C16230F 16 inch HD ready DVD combi LED 12v TV black 12 240 volt

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This brand new 16" LED screen model combines, superior power saving qualities with a modern design, creating quite possibly the most versatile 12v Television we have ever stocked. Ideal for use in your caravan/motor home/boat etc. during the summer to keep the entire family entertained, then move into a bedroom/kitchen in the winter months. Record your favourite programmes direct to USB stick or portable hard drive so you never miss an episode. Also plug in your already recorded music, films or photos for endless entertainment. DVDs simply slide in to the right hand side of the unit, (as you look at the screen), and will auto-play DVDs, CDs, MP3s, JPEGs, with full DivX support as well as nearly every other format invented. The built in Digital Tuner allows you to view over 40 channels without any subscription. All of this is available with superb picture quality and an integrated LED audio speaker system, which creates a wider field of audio quality. The vast amount of connectivity allows for this TV's usage to be completely adaptable. It is wall mountable with 75 x 75 standard VESA fittings, should it be required in a caravan, motor home etc. The stand can be reconnected for complete versatility. 16" LED Combo incorporates a built in DVD player which means no messy wires from the DVD to the TV. This makes this an ideal TV for any space where clutter is not an option. Just simply insert the DVD. Invisible speakers are embedded into the LED for enhanced audio and a wider sound field.

Box Contains



Connectivity Technology
Display Resolution Max
720p HD Ready
Display Size
16.00 inches
Display Technology
Image Aspect Ratio
Item Dimensions
37.39 x 4.79 x 24.39 centimeters
Item Weight
1.70 kilograms
Special Feature
Tuner Technology
  1. The Pefect TV
    I wanted a small TV for the cupboard in our Bedroom and this is excellent. The picture is really good and I can watch sport and see the full field of play. It is really good and thank you TV Village for your help in giving me the measurements before I ordered it. Great
  2. Nice combo.
    Good value, works well, must be easy, my mum can do it lol. Only gripe, the instructions are on a single sheet of paper, and the writing is rather too small, could do with being easier to read. Otherwise, no problem for two o.a.p’s too operate, so we are very happy with it.
  3. it seems a good wee television
    So far, it seems a good wee television. We bought it for our new motorhome but have only used it a few times. but no complaints, picture and sound quality are good and the size is just right for the space we had available.
  4. Looks a good one for a smallish van
    Smaller than expected but looks fine and probably when in the Van it will appear as the correct size. The ability to play DVD and also a memory stick means you could download from iPlayer before your holiday and watch in a remote field somewhere where there is no TV reception!
  5. God buy; pity about the supply voltage
    Good picture & sound quality; takes DVDs (but if you record your own DVDs, not all file types are recognised); takes RAM sticks (but again not all file types are recognised). Although the voltage input is nominally 12v, you have to use the mains adaptor even if you are on a caravan or boat with 12v supply: this uses extra electricity to power the adaptor and is a pity. Apparently this is because the adaptor includes a regulator, which is essential as your 12v supply may vary by up to 1v each way and damage the TV. Shame that the regulator was not built in to the TV, since many people will use this on a caravan or boat.
  6. 16" Celle Portable Television
    This product arrived faulty not being able to hold the picture for more than two minutes, would not change channels and of a very poor sound quality.When applying for product return, the supplier stated a replacement would take a month to locate. Not customer friendly. Supplier being particularly obstructing and uncooperative.
  7. Stay away from Cello products !!
    Bought this as wanted British quality instead of Chinese..... - Screen quality was like a throw back to the late 90s early LCD's, could only really see the picture clearly if sitting exactly straight in front of TV, any other angle the picture darkened. TV broke after using it 3 times, screen issues and the mfr blamed it on "impact damage" although no impact had occurred. Wasted money to buy this product, stay clear of this manufacturer !!
  8. It has a scart socket but no room for the scart plug to go into it because the speaker is in the way!
    I deducted stars because of where they have sited the scart socket. Very bad design. It is just above the speaker on the rear of the unit, which would be fine if the gap between the speaker top and the scart socket was big enough for a scart to fit. The gap is not wide enough.My Freeview recorder does not have HDMI sockets, only scart so I cannot use that recorder with this TV, and I wanted to use that recorder with it. Luckily I have another recorder which does have HDMI connection so I had to swap that from another TV.Why bother having a scart socket if there isn't enough clearance to actually plug one in it?The sound is very tinny. In fact it is awful. There is a facility on the remote to adjust the sound by altering the Treble and Bass levels but even with no treble at all and the Bass on full it still sounds tinny. A shame because this spoils an otherwise good little tellyEDITI have bought some Logitech Z150 speakers and a mains power extension cable. The speakers plug into the mains via one cable and then they plug into the Headphones socket on the TV via the other cable.One speaker has a volume control knob on it but the TV Remote can still adjust your volume for you.The difference to the sound made by such small and cheap [£15.99] speakers is amazing.I suspect all small TV's will have a tinny sound because of their minute speakers, so these external ones plugged in the Headphone socket seem to be the best solution.Obviously if you have room for a sound bar you wouldn't have a telly this small.The only mini soundbar I could find had a massive sub woofer speaker that needs to go on the floor near the telly.If I had space for all of that I would just get a much bigger telly with better built in speakers.