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BuoQua 12KG Ice Maker Stainless Steel 220V Black Ice Cube Maker Machine 26LBS Ice Making Machine Countertop Ice Maker Compact Clear Ice Cubes for Kitchen Home Bars

Key Features:
  • 【3IN1 ICE MAKER】- This portable ice maker produced 9 bullet ice cubes in 8~15 minutes (depends on room temp), 26 lbs (12 kg) every 24H accordingly Quiet compressor require low energy to freeze Enlarged transparent window allow easy observation at any time Unique design for easy dispensing ice or cool direct drinking water
  • 【DISTINCT CONTROL】- Simple operation by pressing clear buttons Operation conditions are clearly shown on the LCD screen Auto alerts when water is low or ice bin is full Two ice sizes (small or large) selectable Time delay time ranges from 05~195 hours Default delay time: 1 hour
  • 【ASSURING QUALITY】- 3-layer tank High quality ABS shell, easy cleaning, sturdy and durable Food grade container stores up to 22 lbs (1 kg) ice High-density foam maintains temperature and insulate heat
  • 【CONSIDERATE DETAILS】- Manual or auto filling choosable by using the side door or connect water hose to water inlet at the behind of the machine Water and ice quality at your control Condenser with large amount of air flow ensures quicker heat dissipation and more rapid ice making Convenient drip tray to set your cup and collects redundant water, can be taken off easily for cleaning
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Compactly designed ice making machine, Perfect fit on any bar, kitchen counter and tabletop great for families, coffee Shops, party gatherings, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores and more for you to explore
Brand BuoQua
Model 26LBS

BuoQua 12KG Ice Maker Stainless Steel 220V Black Ice Cube Maker Machine 26LBS Ice Making Machine Countertop Ice Maker Compact Clear Ice Cubes for Kitchen Home Bars

Product description Colour:Black

12 kg Ice Maker


Multi-function countertop ice maker produces up to 26 lbs (12 kg) of ice per day with the power to create 9 bullet ice cubes in as little as 8~15 minutes, so there will always be ice at hand. Ice sizes adjustable (large or small). Simple control with buttons and LCD screen. Transparent lid facilitates observation at any time. Unique design for supplying ice or cold drinking water conveniently.


Rapid Ice Making-Produces 9 bullets ice cubes in 8~15 minutes (depends on room temp.) and up to 26 lbs (12 kg) every 24 hours. Ice size small or large selectable by simple setting.

Concise Control-Simple control buttons with LCD screen, making operation status clear at a glance. Alerts are made when water is low and ice bin is full.

Reassuring Storage-3-layer design of tank body. Food grade container holds up to 2.2 lbs (1 kg) ice. High-density foam helps maintain temperature and insulate heat.

Flexible Operation-Portable ice maker, suitable for both manual filling (use side door) and auto filling (by connecting water tube at behind), which allows various choices of water quality, satisfying all kinds of requirements.

Considerate Design-Enlarged transparent window to observe inside condition at any time. Large air flow ensures quicker heat dissipation and more rapid ice making.


Power: 185W

Capacity: 9 pcs/cycle, 26 lbs (12 kg)/24H

Ice Cube Size: Small/large selectable

Water Filling: Manual/auto

Ice Storage: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Water Tank: 0.44 UK gal (2L)

Shell Material: ABS

Gross Weight: 23.2 lbs (10.5 kg)

Package Dimensions (L x W x H): 16" x 11.8" x 17" (41 x 30 x 43 cm)

Package Content

1 x Portable Ice Maker

1 x Ice Scoop

1 x Manual

  1. Doesn't store ice!
    Ordered this machine, but am very disappointed to learn that it doesn't actually 'Store Ice' for you to use as as when, although in the description it reads ' Food grade container stores up to 2.2Ibs (1 Kg) of ice?It does push the ice into a small compartment, but if not used straight away or transferred to a freezer it melts back into water!I have requested a return and refund as the product description is very misleading and this isn't what I expected when I ordered it.The definition of 'Store' is "A quantity or supply of something kept for use as needed" this machine does not do that.
  2. Surprisingly good.
    Easy to set up.Ice produces pretty quickly, recently had a party and never ran out of ice.
  3. Initially aGreat worktop Ice machine
    I received my machine yesterday and have had it running all day.Great feature of the chilled water dispenser as well as producing ice.Can be used in standalone mode; ie, put water in the side compartment and just put it where you want it, or connect it to the mains, via a water filter I would suggest.Pro\'s:Fairly quiet and quick to produce the ice.Con\'s:No instructions, although you don\'t really need them, Ice blocks are a little on the small side, just put more in the glass than you would normally do.Overall a good machine so far; and as an extra benefit this is the same colour as the Russell Hobbs kitchen equipment we already have.Update:The unit has been working for a couple of weeks and this morning, I turned it on and the compressor failed to initiate.After a short time there was an error message displayed and the machine is now dead in the water.I am now awaiting a response from the supplier to get a full refund.
  4. Looks great and delivers ice cubes quickly
    This identical machine can be found on Amazon under different brand names with varying prices from £160 to £250. From what I have read and seen they are identical other than this one has an attachable cold feed pipe.I wasn’t really bothered about purchasing one of these until I saw this one which delivers ice to the glass instead of having to use a scoop.The good.They look great, mine is red, and starts producing ice in about 9 minutes as advertised.If you leave it on the ice melts and recycles into the water reservoir. This has an advantage of delivering chilled water into a glass when desired.It’s easy to fill, check levels and amount of ice stored.The not so goodThe largest cubes you can produce are about thumb size and I wish you could get them slightly bigger, it’s not a problem thoughThe cubes themselves are not aesthetically pleasing but they are only ice cubes. I’m being picky.You are recommended to have air gaps 6 inches all round the unit when it’s being used. The image shows it’s stored position.If you want to drain the unit you have to remove a plug from underneath the unit which is fiddly.Would I recommend this unit, absolutelyI love mine
  5. Lovely
    I love it Ice when I want it