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Breadmaker,Rotary 180° Non Stick Cooking Plates Double-Sided Baking Intelligent Temperature Control 700W Waffle Maker

Key Features:
  • Dual heating pans to form up a delicious round waffle, can be divided into 4 pieces along the lines Non-stick teflon coating allows better shaping and keeps your place clean and neat without spending a lot of time to clean up
  • Precise timer and temperature adjusting knobs with Stepless temperature regulation LED light indicates heating status
  • Thickened brackets link mould with machine, front support adopts stable structure; neat, beautiful without disorder Safety level is also improved Thick handle with assuring heat dissipation Smooth surface makes operation more effective
  • 180° rotatable mould for better cooking and higher efficiency SUS plate beneath the mould to catch leaking pastry for easier cleaning Stainless steel machine body, easy cleaning and stands up for longer working period Sturdy and smooth joints between two pans provide reassuring usage Four foot pads remain machine steady
  • Soft inside and crispy outside waffle with special flavor, endless aftertaste and alluring smell Chocolate, candies and other decorations can be added freely to add flavor to warm waffles Great choice for bakeries, restaurants, kiosks, canteens, etc

Breadmaker,Rotary 180° Non Stick Cooking Plates Double-Sided Baking Intelligent Temperature Control 700W Waffle Maker

Product description

Make paninis, hash browns, and even biscuit pizzas, Sandwiches, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, grilled cheese can be eaten alone, and even stir fry.:Bakeware caliber: 18cmPower: 700kwVoltage: 220-240VWeight: 3kg● Temperature setting range: Stepless temperature regulation●The template can be rotated 180°Features:Multi-function panelIndicator light: heating indicator, the indicator light will be on when workingTemperature selection: Stepless temperature regulation multi-temperature precision control, to meet the temperature requirements for your productionLarge grid deepening template: Because the thickened muffin is crispy and tender, it needs more space and fluffy space. Instantly bake the skin and crispy and leave enough space inside to make the slurry full and lock the moisture.Double-sided constant temperature heating: thicken the commercial heating tube, let the machine heat 360 degrees without dead angle, double-sided constant temperature system allows the heat to focus on the effective transfer model, let the slurry quickly imprint into a cake, just 3~4 minutes , making uniform color, beautiful shape, full of color and flavor