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Bread Machine Household Automatic Intelligent Multifunctional Household Bread and Pasta Machine-Red

Key Features:
  • The source of energy for a day, simple breakfast, full of nutrition, the real English breakfast is not a simple combination of bread and coffee, but is famous for its rich picking points, practical function settings, design details that are heavy, suitable for diversified Home or workplace
  • Stainless steel inside, not afraid of high temperature, double-slot full stainless steel cover, uniform coloring of bread, easy to wipe appearance, greasy clean and convenient labor-saving, 5-speed baking mode, precise touch, adjustable baking degree, to meet different people's needs for baking demand
  • Concealed lifting baking rack is more delicious for defrosting One-click activation hides and restores the freshly baked texture You can also add croissants or small breads, and the automatic centering system No matter the thickness of the bread, you can bake on both sides and double grooves
  • Double-tube baking increases the heating area, the heating temperature is the same, the crust is thinner, the tissue is softer, the burning color is more uniform, the moisture is more abundant, and the solid yogurt is made with fresh milk, which is more mellow and the taste is corrected
  • Stylish control panel, delicate and sensitive, easy to clean, simple and easy to operate, energy saving and environmental protection, durable
Brand qiwangsheng

Bread Machine Household Automatic Intelligent Multifunctional Household Bread and Pasta Machine-Red

Product description Colour:Red

One fry and one toast, good breakfast, different every day, baking frying and steaming, non-stick pan frying pan, 6-position baking, stainless steel, high temperature circuit protection, thawing function, can toast bread. Toast, boiled eggs, and fried bacon. At the same time, it only takes five minutes to cook a nutritious breakfast. It can be used at high temperature and rest assured. The inner layer and the steaming plate are made of 304 stainless steel. It is hard and durable, resistant to high temperature and corrosion. With heat insulation, it is not easy to be hot. Frying non-stick bottom, easy to clean, non-stick coating for food contact, adjustable fire size, easy control of fire power, dust-proof cover, dust is not easy to get in, external grill, easy to heat bread, draw-out type chip box Mobile phone crumbs are easy to clean. Anti-dry-burn protection, automatic tripping at high temperature, the first use, do not put bread in the bread trough, pre-heat for 2.3 minutes for disinfection, please clean the crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster regularly to avoid the accumulation of bread crumbs in the body. Before cooking food, please add 80-90 ml of water to the frying pan and put in the food. In the steaming bowl of the steaming pan, when cleaning, you can wipe the shell of the machine with a damp cloth. Do not immerse the machine in water to wash.