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Braun BUA5000 Exact Fit One Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Key Features:
  • Professional accuracy, clinically validated and approved by ESH (European Society for Hypertension)
  • Braun Healthy Heart app to manage you blood pressure (manual entry)
  • Easy 1 button operation (start/stop)
  • Fully automatic blood pressure monitor
  • Universal cuff size (22-42 cm)
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Braun BUA5000 Exact Fit One Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Product description Product Description

Braun ExactFitTM 1 upper arm blood pressure monitor will enable you to conveniently and accurately monitor your blood pressure on your own. Validated by the European Society for Hypertension, Braun's blood pressure monitors offer clinically tested accuracy , demonstrated in a number of clinical studies. This easy-to-use device displays fitting instructions directly printed on the cuff and presents a large display for easy read.

Box Contains

1 x Braun ExactFit 1 BUA5000 automatic Upper arm blood pressure monitor

  1. Simple to use.
    No dislikes, all very good , easy to operate and gives accurate readings, what more could I want, excellent.
  2. Very good
    Very good
  3. Very impressed!!
    Very impressed so far.......updates later.
  4. Excellent product
    Excellent product. I use it in combination with Braun heart monitor app. Only thing is I wish the screen lit up when showing figures. Hence I deducted one point.
  5. Great gadget to have
    It was a gift for my brother who needs this to monitor his blood pressure.
  6. Correct readings , easy to use but lack of storage box lets it down
    I have been using this for a few weeks now and have found readings have been accurate. I have compared readings from this with the one in our office and they have been same every time.Only reason I gave it 4 stars, not 5 is because of storage issues, there is no box provided to store it properly which is a shame as this is a good product and should be in a proper storage box
  7. Heartfelt Readings
    An excellent buy. Arrived on time as promised. Package contained all that was required to enable immediate use of instrument. Well packed but not overly so. I would certainly recommend to anyone.
  8. Really good
    Very happy with this.Well made and looks as good as this can.I chose this one for the simple one button operation and the one size fits all cuff.One button press and a few moments later you have blood pressure and pulse.I\'ve compared the results to the Omron one my Dr has which has been calibrated etc and they are all but the same.I did contemplate the one with the app but I already had the Nokia Health app and it\'s straight forward to add each reading when needed. Failing that pencil and paper are your friend!Recommend this unit!