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BP A7 Touch MICROLIFE ARM TENSIOMETER with atrial Fibrillation Detection and Touch Screen

Key Features:
  • AFIB MICROLIFE technology: allows specific detection of atrial fibrillation
  • MAM (Medium Arterial Measurement) Technology: Unique technology developed and patented by MICROLIFE allows you to automatically take 3 reliable consecutive measurements and deliver their weighted average
  • GENTLE + technology: integrated pressure control system inside the armband, so as to limit arm constriction and ensure optimal comfort Universal armband (22-42 cm)
  • Fully tactile and digital screen for guaranteed navigation and usability
  • Memory: 2x99 recordable measurements for 2 users USB cable included for data transfer to computer
Brand Microlife

BP A7 Touch MICROLIFE ARM TENSIOMETER with atrial Fibrillation Detection and Touch Screen

Product description

Fully touch automatic blood pressure monitor with Cerebral Vascular Accident (AVC). The AFIB TOUCH MICROLIFE BP A7 blood pressure monitor is clinically validated to detect atrial fibrillation with high precision (AFIB). Risk of stroke increases with age, atrix fibrillation detection is recommended for people over 65 years. However, the population of 50 years and above with hypertension, diabetes or heart attack risks is also concerned. Also equipped with MAM (Medium Blood Pressure Monitor) technology, the MICROLIFE BP A7 AFIB TOUCH Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy to take 3 reliable consecutive measures and deliver their weighted average size. The MAM technology allows you to follow the rules of the 3 measures set up by the CFLHTA (French Commitment for Fight against Hypertension): i.e. 3 measurements in the morning at dawn and 3 measurements in the evening at bedtime over 3 consecutive days. This blood pressure monitor also incorporates GENTLE+ technology, which is an optimal pressure control system in the armband, in order to limit the constriction of the arm and to ensure COMFORT and ACTITUDE of voltage measurements. The universal armband (22-42cm) in conical shape perfectly fits the contours of the arm. This conical shape also ensures the accuracy of voltage measurement. Its full touch screen gives it an ultra modern design as well as true ease of use. It has 2 built-in USB ports for easy data transfer to your personal computer (USB cable included). The MICROLIFE BP A7 AFIB TOUCH blood pressure monitor has 2 x 99 memory measurements, compatible with 2 users. Finally, it comes with a storage pouch, a must-have accessory for use outside of your home. The accuracy of this MICROLIFE blood pressure monitor has been clinically validated according to the British Hypertension Society protocol. Tested on patients with pre-ecampsia, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, obesity or even trial fibrillation. This blood pressure monitor has achieved the best possible result: Grade A/A.

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