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BodyRip PREMIUM PRO Door Pull Up Bars | Multi-functional Chinup Sit Core Abs | Strength Training, Home Gym, Fitness Exercise, Weight Lifting, Fat Loss, Crossfit, Calisthenics

Key Features:
  • ✪ To install it you need door frame between 62 and 102cm! Our door gym is adjustable! All screws included
  • ✪ Designed for the complete upper body workout, the door gym offers a variety of different exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home
  • ✪ The Door Gym needs to permanent fittings, as the unique design allows you to flick it onto a door frame, with the door frame taking the weight of whoever is using it It also flicks back down when you are finished
  • ✪ The Door Gym is also easy to assemble and is designed for most standard size door frames
  • ✪ Strengthens and tones Chest, Arms, Shoulders, Back, Abs and More!
£19.95 £24.95
Brand Brand: BodyRip

BodyRip PREMIUM PRO Door Pull Up Bars | Multi-functional Chinup Sit Core Abs | Strength Training, Home Gym, Fitness Exercise, Weight Lifting, Fat Loss, Crossfit, Calisthenics

Product description

BodyRipOne of the best sports equipment suppliers online offers quality, durable, and affordable products to help you stay fit, healthy, and active. Shop tools and equipment engineered for your particular fitness needs.

Our Door Gym Pull Up Bars offer features and benefits that are worth your every penny:* Premium quality products* Engineered to ensure safe training* Heavy gauge steel construction* Highly durable* Safe* Easy to set up and remove* Multi-functional* Suitable for virtually all fitness levels* Ideal present for gym junkies

  1. Good for spontaneous pull ups
    My son bought this pull up bar as he's nearly 16 and likes to keep fit. It is easy to fit into the average dor frame and holds solidly while my sons and occasionally husband do pull ups. We keep it in situ and it means that they just use it for a few pull ups each day rather than taking it down each time. Its weighty and solid and good value for the money but the reason I couldn't award 5 stars is because the rubber discs that prtect the wooden frame from the metal bar are so tough to dislodge that they have removed pait from the door frame. Other than that excellant.
  2. Installation is actually a bit tricky
    It claims in the product description that this is "easy to install" but I beg to differ. Admittedly, I only had a manual screwdriver and elbow grease at my disposal. I suspect those who found it easy to install had a power drill and some DIY experience. The problem was that the screws that come with it are very cheap and flimsy and they were stripped when I tried to screw them into the wall. One of them is stuck and I have no idea how I'm going to get it out when the time comes. I had to order a new box of screws from Amazon and wait an extra day before I could install it.Now it's finally up, I'm really happy with it. It feels secure and sturdy and I love being able to do a few random pull-ups whenever it takes my fancy. I'm using a purple resistance band at the moment and my goal is to be able to do unassisted pull-ups eventually.
  3. Brill
    Bought for my granddaughter to get upper body strength arrived on time, was easy to fit and she loves it.
  4. A multipupose household gadget musthave!
    Brilliant! I use it to hang the shirts after ironing! Perfect! My boys use it do do pull ups and seem very happy too. Winwin!
  5. Very happy thank you
    Very happy with my purchase thank you
  6. Arrived quickly
    Perfect for home workouts
  7. Easy to put together
    Well made and fit for use
  8. Neat, secure, easily installed.
    Works very well. I installed it in a wooden door frame. I very much like the fact that it comes with two alternative fittings. There is a pair of circular metal cups which screw into the door frame, with three screws each, then you fit the grip plates at each end of the bar into each cup and extend to tighten. The alternative is even neater. There are a pair of plastic dome-shaped things with a screw hole in the middle. When screwed into a door frame, these domed grommets fit neatly into the apertures in the grip plates at each end of the bar, holding it securely in place with an invisible fixing. It holds firm, feels comfortable and inspires confidence. Takes my weight very easily (63kg).