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Beurer BC 31 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor White

Key Features:
  • Wrist blood pressure monitor
  • Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • Results can be rated using a coloured scale
  • Arrhythmia recognition: recognises and gives warnings about potential cardiac arrhythmia
Brand Beurer

Beurer BC 31 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor White

Product description Size:000  |  Colour:White

Blood pressure devices are very practical because they allow you to measure and monitor your blood pressure easily, every day, in the comfort of your own home. The fully automatic wrist blood pressure monitor, BC 31, by Beurer, offers quick, gentle and comfortable blood pressure and pulse monitoring.

It is equipped with many practical features. So, for example, it has the WHO (World Health Organisation) indicator that categorises the values. This means you can know quickly if your values are within the normal range. It also has arrhythmia detection warning feature. It gives a warning if used incorrectly to prevent imprecise measurement results. More advantages: it's very easy to use and has a large, easy-to-read display.

Product details:• Fully automatic wrist blood pressure and pulse monitor.• Large, easy-to-read, illuminated display.• 60 memory slots.• WHO rating.• Warns of any cardiac rhythm problems (arrhythmia detection).• Easy to operate.• Medical device.• Notification in the event of incorrect use.• For wrist circumferences of 14 to 19.5 cm.• Switches off automatically.• Includes batteries and storage bag.• Battery indicator display.

  1. Accurate and easy to use blood pressure and heart rate monitor
    This is easy to use and is accurate . You can store readings and also has an alarm for out of rhythm heart beats .
  2. Beurer blood pressure monitor
    This is just what I wanted, it works well and gives consistent readings, and the readings agree with one my friend has which is of different manufacture. Very pleased with it. It is the genuine thing and not a copy as some of the others are.
  3. That it works properly and gives correct readings
    Very good product
  4. the product purchased does what it says on the box - excellent
    quality product and very easy to use